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What is the best programming language to learn as a beginner?


There is a wide range of popular programming languages available today, making it quite challenging to choose one that will offer practical and optimal results over time. Most professionals take some time to select a programming language for a particular project or task.

Beginners and aspiring programmers also have difficulty considering where to start building a successful career in programming due to the lack of guidance and exposure in this field and ask which programming language should I learn? Fortunately, we can help.

Which Programming Language should beginners learn?

The goal of learning a new programming language is to identify the right and worthy language for the purpose for which you wish to learn it.

Python is the Best Programming Language Program and an excellent choice for those who want to succeed in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and C++ is the ideal choice for those who wish to enter the world of competitive programming.

To choose the most effective language, one must also look at its popularity, market demand, job prospects, efficiency, compatibility, applications, etc.

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1    Python

Why Learn Python Because of its ease of syntax and wide range of applications, Python is arguably one of the most recommended programming languages for beginners in recent times. Code readability is a primary goal of the general-purpose, high-level programming language.

Its wide range of support modules and community development, open-source nature, capability to scale complex applications, etc., make it easy for beginners to understand programming paradigms.

Several renowned platforms use Python, such as YouTube, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest. Python is also appropriate for implementing Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning since they are all trending fields.

2   C/C++

This lower-level programming language set is ideal for beginners as their first step into programming.

The procedural programming language C was primarily developed for writing operating systems and found its way into several major platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.

In addition, beginners can grasp basic C/C++ underlying mechanisms and more advanced topics at a ground level.


As a programming language, Java has always been one of the most popular programming languages ever since its origin. As a general rule, developers prefer to program with languages based on object-oriented paradigms because they adhere to the concept of 'write once, run anywhere.

Automatic memory allocation, multithreading, platform independence, and so on are also prominent features. Though it's more challenging to learn than Python or Ruby, you'll have no difficulty if you're inclined to develop enterprise applications or Android apps.

Furthermore, Java runs on various well-known platforms such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, and newbie programmers can learn JAVA to build a successful career in the development field.

4   JavaScript

Programmers who are new to JavaScript can take advantage of the language's many applications, its compatibility with other languages, and the relative ease with which to learn. JavaScript usually provides for client-side functionality but is also suitable for server-side functionality.

Many frameworks and libraries are available to JavaScript developers, including Angular, React, Vue, etc.

Further, major IT giants like Google, Facebook, Gmail, and others rely on JavaScript and often provide JavaScript developers with various career opportunities

5  Kotlin

You may want to learn a programming language, especially if you are planning on developing Android apps. Since the date of this writing, Google favors the Kotlin programming language.

A dynamically typed, general-purpose language is fully compatible with JAVA and works with all existing Java libraries and frameworks.

Moreover, the language offers several outstanding features, such as statically-typed, concise, and secure, as well as many others.

Even though Kotlin is relatively new, renowned organizations like Pinterest, Basecamp, and others use it for their respective platforms. The job market is hot for this language.


All beginners should consider these top 5 programming language suggestions based on their requirements and career goals. The goal of becoming a valuable programmer is to remain consistent throughout the entire learning process and practice constantly.