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Are C and C++ Still Relevant in 2021?

The languages C and C++ are reliable, robust, and feature-rich programming languages. Over three decades ago, Bjarne Stroustrup introduced C++ to the world. As a result, C++ has evolved into a language that emphasizes performance, efficiency, and flexibility.

There is a misconception among many people that C++ is a dead language with a very limited scope, especially for beginners. They would much prefer that you learn trendy platforms and languages such as React and Python.

It'll details again why these are still exceptional languages like C and C++ still relevant in 2021.

Why is C++ so good?

At its peak, C++ was the most widely used programming language in the world. The language is still compelling and versatile, despite its lack of zenith. A range of programming paradigms is supported, including object-oriented, procedural, and generic.

 As an object-oriented programming language (OOP) (like Java), C++ provides programmers with all the tools needed for constructing and developing OOP programs.

In addition, there are numerous built-in functions in the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) that make writing code easy. Libraries with rich library support allow developers to use built-in containers, hashes, heaps, etc., which allows for more efficient coding.

Today, C++ is popular mainly due to its staggering speed. C++ is faster at compiling and executing than other general-purpose programming languages, thus making it an excellent choice for low-latency applications.

It also provides support for pointers that are unavailable in other languages, such as Python.

The C++ programming language is also known as one of the most efficient.

C++ also has the benefit of being easy to install. It only takes a few minutes to download an IDE like Microsoft Visual Code and then begin coding. However, Python and Java are both difficult to install.

Applications in C++

C++ will continue to be in high demand after 2021 because of its incredible performance, reliability, and versatility. Video game development is a significant application of C++. The engine has been adopted by many video game studios, including Unity Engine, PhyreEngine, and Unreal.

5 Top Reasons To Learn Python in 2021

C++ is fast, has a lot of memory control, and has several libraries perfectly capable of creating complex graphics. The video game development industry requires a good understanding of C++ as well. 

The C++ language is primarily used to develop Firefox, Adobe applications, Chrome-based web browsers, Microsoft Office, and MySQL. Microsoft Windows and Mac are developed in part with C++. 

C++ Is Very Promising in 2021

Programming languages like C++ are becoming increasingly popular. It has a wide range of applications. C++ developers are often overlooked because Python, Java, and web development are more popular career paths.

The C++ developer career path has an excellent salary and career prospects. We believe that C++ is an incredible programming language, and you should list it on your resume even if you don't see yourself as a C++ developer. 

Is C Still Worth Learning?

  1.  Flexible

C programming language is a middle-level language that combines both high- and low-level features. Scripting for drivers and kernels and high-level programming languages, including scripting for software applications, are supported.

2. Compatible

The features found in C make it ideal for writing embedded scripts and drivers, such as direct access to hardware APIs, C compilers, and deterministic resource allocation.

3. Portable

The language C is highly portable. Languages like this are platform and hardware-independent. Scripting is a part of most operating systems, including Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

4.  The Algorithm and Data Structure

Due to its thin abstraction layer and low overhead, the C programming language is well suited to programs that perform many computations. Because of this, it is helpful in applications that require higher levels of calculations, like MATLAB and Mathematics.

5. Programming systems

C language is known for System Programming Language because it's necessary for writing system programs like the compiler, device driver, BIOS(Basic Input/output system), linker, assembler, etc. UNIX, Linux, Windows, Compilers, Web Browsers, Databases, Nearly all driver software exists in C.