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Top 5 IT Skills For Professionals To Succeed In Your Career

Because you lack IT technical skills, you may think you aren’t cut out for IT, but chances are you already possess the edge to become a rock star in IT. IT success is rooted in excitement and a desire to learn. Technical knowledge can be taught, but without the appropriate soft skills, it is hard to reach the top of the tech ladder.

These are characteristics that are inherent in your personality. Often, they can't or aren't taught. Interpersonal success and job success often depend on them. In this article, we will explain how to succeed professionally with the Top 5 IT skills.

1.Ensure cybersecurity

Even when budgets are tight, cybersecurity cannot be ignored. Cybercriminals have developed new and devious tactics in order to obtain sensitive data from the digital world, which has shrunk considerably in recent months. Almost 700% more phishing emails have been sent since February because of the pandemic.

Before COVID-19, cybersecurity was a priority. In 2018, more than 50% of worldwide IT executives anticipate investing in security for their organizations. Cybersecurity is the most challenging IT hiring area for the fifth straight year.

"As organizations, governments, and military networks stand to lose security in an increasingly complex, and pervasive way," said Brad Puckett. 

2.  The Computing cloud 

We do business differently now that we use the cloud. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud provides new revenue opportunities. In addition to cloud adoption, other topics such as network analytics, project management, and cybersecurity have also been affected.

When it comes to hiring decision-makers, cloud computing is the second most challenging.

Two of the most recession-proof IT jobs are cloud administrator and cloud architect. IDC also projects a 5.1% drop in IT spending this year, but any growth will come from the cloud.

3.  Internet and wireless networks 

IT Skills for professionals are flocking to Cisco for certifications since it carries the market share in network and wireless technology. In the world, Cisco certifications rank second. The 2019 edition of our IT Skills and Salary Report found that 22% of respondents have a Cisco certification.

Among IT decision-makers, 31 percent anticipate investing in Cisco technologies this year; 15 percent plan to invest in networking and wireless LAN. 

4.  Development of software 

Most IT jobs are growing slower than in the software development market. Application developers should see a 28% increase in jobs by 2028, while software developers can expect a 21% increase. This growth is attributed to computer software and mobile apps.

One of the weaker skills of their teams in developing mobile apps, according to IT decision-makers. With this certification, you can earn a high salary and be in high demand. Those with an application development certification earn approximately $140,000 a year in North America.

5.  Developing programs

By 2028, there will be a 7 percent decline in computer programming jobs. However, programming jobs, a subset of coding, should increase to 28 million in the next few years.

Popular programming languages include Python, JavaScript, and C#. Mobile apps are growing in popularity, so will the need for coders. Network engineers also need coding skills. Automation is increasingly important as network complexity increases.

Data-driven organizations are requiring more programmers, and their salaries are also increasing. Programmers or developers earn more than $110,000 each year in the U.S. and Canada.3 Certified professionals earn about $140,000.