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Why Learn Python? Top Reasons Why To Learn Python In 2021


A universal appeal explains its popularity. There are applications for Python everywhere, whether it is for Data Science, Big Data, coding, or app development. Its versatility is incredible. In recent years, Python programming has become so popular that students flock to learn it.

Our list of the top reasons to learn Python makes it easier for you.

1     1. Python is the simplest language

Python is a good choice for beginners due to its inherent simplicity. People often ask - why learn python? We say why not?

Because Python's syntax is simple and easy to read, it is a good language for beginners. Python is much easier to learn than any other language (Java, C, C++, etc.). It also lets you focus on your research without worrying about documentation. 

The reason for this is that Python has a wide range of applications, including web development, text processing, data analysis, and statistical analysis. 

2    2.Python is highly extensible and flexible

The Python programming language is highly scalable and extensible. Python's flexibility makes it possible to perform cross-language operations without any hassles. Additionally, you can use Python to call C/C++ libraries rather than just Java and .NET components. 

Additionally, Python runs on almost all modern platforms, such as Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.

3     3.There is a Python library for every need

Python has more useful libraries than any other language. Data Science and development are possible with Python programming thanks to a wide range of libraries. Python's functionality and capabilities have been greatly enhanced over the years by the addition of libraries.

NumPy is one of the first Python libraries to include high-level mathematical operations on multidimensional arrays and matrices. It is ideal for scientific computations.

4    4.It's easy to develop websites in Python

The fact that Python simplifies the process of web development is another reason to learn it. 

Python frameworks accelerate the development of stable code. By automating common (standard) solutions, they reduce development time. Developers can then concentrate on more critical issues, like application logic. A Python framework can also perform web scraping tasks.

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5    5.Data Visualization offers plenty of opportunities

 The Python language has something for every application, as we discussed previously. It has plenty of options for visualizing data as well. The most popular Python data visualization tools include Matplotlib, Plotly, Altair, Seaborn, Bokeh, Pygal, Geoplotlib, Gleam, and Missingno. 

Using these data visualization frameworks, you can make sense of complex datasets with ease. Additionally, you can visualize your results through graphs, pie charts, graphical plots, interactive web plots, and many more options.

6    6.Python has a variety of test frameworks

Python is a valuable tool for testing and validating ideas and products. Debugging & speeding up workflows are made possible through built-in testing frameworks. 

Frameworks like PyTest and Robot enable Python developers to conduct cross-platform and cross-browser tests.

7   7.Python is ideal for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Python is a great choice for EAI. Application integration is seamless, and it is also available in other languages. Python can call COM/CORBA components as well as Java, C++, and C code directly. Its strong integration with Java, C, and C++ makes it an ideal choice for application scripting. 

Python has excellent text processing and integration capabilities. You can also create GUI applications using this language. 

8     8.  Scripting is easy with Python

There is more to Python than just programming - you can also script with it! Since it does not require compilation, a scripting language differs from a programming language in that it does not require compiling. With Python, you can write code directly and run it.

This machine will interpret your code and check for errors. It is then possible to use the code multiple times.

9      9.An active community supports Python

We can rely on Python's vibrant and friendly community. If you encounter coding or Data Science issues, you can always ask the Python community for assistance. Their support is always available. Almost every day, the community is enhancing the language with new tools and libraries. Explore to know why Python is best for machine learning and why it is so popular among developers.


So now you know why learn python 2021. The Python programming language is now the industry's leading language. For those looking to learn Python and explore various libraries and tools, the Data Science Certification Programs are ideal.