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The Latest and Greatest Laptops for Indian Students in 2023

Since their very inception in 1992, laptops have become the heartthrob of the youth out there. Not only that but given the seamless portability and a plethora of features they come with, today even younger children and elderly people prefer using laptops. Thanks to the array of choices in processor, screen touch points, use, colors, screen dimensions, and whatnot, a person gets easily confused whenever he vouches for a laptop purchase. For students, the choice becomes even more perplexing since they want to pursue their digital hobbies such as coding, graphic designing, and whatnot apart from their general academics on their PCs. And with the pandemic gone by, it has been witnessed that almost anything and everything can be done on a laptop. So, which laptop should one go for? To ease things out for you, Cybertech is here with a compiled list of the latest and the best laptops in India ever. Scroll down and happy buying!

Dell New Inspiron: A handy and affordable Windows laptop for students

Let’s be frank. About 99% of students do not earn. Moreover, Indian parents do not want their kids to spend their entire fortune on a laptop. Keeping the budget constraints in mind, this laptop has a slim design and is super lightweight to carry around. Best of all, it comes with good storage. So, be it studying the e-notes of the Kerb cycle in the canteen or sketching the old uncle while sitting on the park bench, carry your Dell New Inspiron anytime and anywhere.

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Chromebooks: Best manager for Middle Schoolers

If you are a middle-school student, then you may not require a laptop with higher specifications. All they require is unhindered use of MS Office for their PPTs and activity Word documents. This lands us upon the very feasible and super-light Chromebook. It fulfills the needs of every middle schooler out there.

HP 15s: Hail high school with this affordable, durable, and professional laptop!

With the advent of high school, the laptop choice should get an upgrade too. The laptop a high schooler should buy should have enough storage as well as better software and specifications to serve other creative purposes as well. This brings us to the 11th Gen HP 15s. It has a sturdy frame which increases its durability (HP will survive those rages, XD). In addition to that, it comes with an excellent keyboard and umpteen ports, thus satiating all your requirements. Best of all, this is regarded as one of the best laptop for cyber security students since it comes with a parental lock. 

MacBook Air Pro: A chic, professional, and bold laptop for students with a sure-shot value for money. 

Are you a student who is enrolled in some professional course? Well, be it interior designing or finance, every student out there who wishes to have a laptop that has professional functionalities as well as is a great investment, should go for MacBook Air. It comes with a vast screen and the latest 10.14 macOS. Best of all, this laptop can be used even during erratic power cuts, thanks to its black-lit keyboard.

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Acer Aspire 5: Complete college courses with grace.

For all the collegiate out there, no laptop can be better than Acer Aspire 5. It comes with a sleek and classy design which clearly indicates that you ain’t a schoolgoer now. The webcam has high specifications and is perfect for all your meetings - with friends, with society heads, with hiring companies as well as with your extended family members. With seamless WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you are good to go. The battery life spans up to a good 10 hours and is ideal for a collegiate.

We all know that laptops have never been used for a single purpose - they could be used for gaming, watching movies, sketching, and whatnot. While our list is exhaustive, these were some of the best laptops for students. For more such fruitful lists of tech gadgets and snippets of tech news, stay tuned with us at