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There Are 12 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Laptop While Gaming


Gaming on your computer or laptop is too slow? Does it take forever to play even the simple games? Make your PC faster here. You can increase your computer's performance by setting maximum FPS in this guide to give yourself a better gaming experience. Learn how to optimize laptop for gaming performance before purchasing.

 Tip 1: Update your drivers

Upgrade all drivers and software, especially the graphics card, CPU, and motherboard. You should also update DirectX. Update all other drivers with Driver Booster.

Gaming requires the latest graphics card drivers.

You can download Geforce Experience here if it's NVIDIA

If it's AMD, download the Radeon Graphics Driver

Tip 2: Use the Boost Mode and Game Booster

Driver boosters can increase gaming laptop performance dramatically. Also, it has a game mode that is perfect for low-end systems. If you want to maximize your gaming performance laptop, use a boost mode. It will update your drivers and clean your RAM.

Tip 3: Boost virtual memory

Double your virtual memory so that you have plenty of memory. Memory takes over when the system runs out of RAM thus the more you have the better.

System settings contain this setting.

Control panel > Security and system

Tip 4: Use high-performance mode to speed up your laptop

Put the laptop in high-performance battery mode. Your battery will work at its best. The balance of the battery is usually in operation. The system will perform better when put into high-performance mode.

 Tips 5: Clean Your Laptop and PC to Boost Air Flow

You can significantly improve your PC's performance by cleaning your system. Clean systems allow for better airflow and cooling. It enables the system to run freely and the fans to effectively cool it.

Smooth and cool gameplay is the result. You can clean your system in many ways. Gamers recommend servicing their systems every six months. 

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TIP 6: Switch to SSD for gaming

Install an SSD on your main Windows drive. You will get more performance from your gaming system if you do this. Laptops, in particular, can benefit from this. Because SSDs have fast read and write speeds, games run better on an SSD Drive. SSDs are very cheap now, so you can always find a good deal on Amazon or similar sites.

Tip 7: Optimize your Windows settings

Maximize the performance of Windows appearance settings. It is the default setting. You will see a slight reduction in the appearance and graphics if you select performance.

Tip 8: Disable unnecessary services and widgets

Switch off all background apps in Windows 10 settings. Uninstall unnecessary components of Windows that you don't use, like Cortana maps and location services. Use tools like CCleaner and i0bit uninstaller to uninstall stock Windows apps. You can gain more space and performance by removing apps like maps, mail, etc.

Tip 9: Clean with an app

Clean your c drive with CCleaner to fully erase all temporary junk files. Uninstall all bloat ware. For your Windows drive, use an SSD if possible. You'll have better gaming performance with SSDs. Choose a 128GB or 250GB SSD. These models are much more affordable.

Tip 10: Use an antivirus to keep your computer clean.

Clean your computer regularly with an antivirus program to prevent viruses and malware. The primary causes of slow systems are viruses, malware, and crypto miners. Use a good antivirus to scan your system and remove all viruses.

Tip 11: Perform a disk defragmentation

Regularly defragment your hard drive. We should also repeat the necessity of cleaning your laptop and desktop so that dust does not accumulate on fans and slows down the system. Fans are crucial to keeping your system cool and running at peak efficiency. Proper maintenance is essential.

 Tip 12: Uninstall applications

Delete apps and services you no longer use. Games will have more space. Take out all the crapware from your PC to lower its load. Fewer apps mean better gaming performance. It will give you the best gaming experience. Saving space and computer power will make it easier for you to play games.