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10 Best Free Android Apps to Jump Start Your Small Business in 2021


With the advance of technology and the growth of the Internet, companies are finding it increasingly hard to meet their customers' high expectations in real-time. Apps help businesses provide high-quality services promptly; multitasking operations are essential.

Today, companies that create customized products can achieve excellent results in a very efficient manner. It may be confusing for Android users when choosing apps for startups to install from Google Play. These are the Top 10 Android Apps for Businesses for companies.

The 10 best free apps for small business owners

Android continues to rack up impressive numbers despite Apple's iOS getting more attention. Many business owners choose the Android platform for its ease of use. Listed below are the top business apps which can increase productivity and help generate revenue.


1. Free to use Basecamp


An app like this allows business managers to organize or assign tasks to others. With this app, you can communicate with your team, manage workflows, and make sure everyone pays attention to what they should be. Using team-based data, business owners can measure employee productivity individually.


2. Free cloud printing


With this Android app, you can wirelessly print documents, websites, and articles from your Android device. Almost any printer will work with this app. This app can access all printers on a network and can be integrated with other Google services to share photos easily. In this way, businesses can print documents without having to use a desktop computer or a laptop.

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3. Invoice2go Pro is free


Using this app, you don't have to worry about organizing information and keeping track of money owed, money paid, and money received by your business. The app enables businesses to send invoices and save receipts from their smartphones, enter location information, keep a calendar, and sign documents from their Android devices.


4.  Free Slack


Chat is a service that helps teams communicate with each other. A business of any size can benefit from an app since users aren't limited to a particular number. Moderators can oversee different channels. It is possible to upload almost any file format, so it is easy to share files with colleagues.


5. Evernote for free


Businesses can use this app to keep notes and ideas organized through notebooks and workspaces. You can use Evernote to write notes, create checklists, conduct research, organize web articles, discuss your work, and share notes with coworkers.


6. Doist: Free


To-do apps help businesses stay on top of their daily tasks with this task management and to-do app. Due to its support for multiple platforms, you can use it on different devices and use various tags and categories to manage who is responsible for what tasks.


7. Free Google Drive


A cloud-based storage system is Google Cloud Storage. It provides free storage of about 15 GB and extra storage for a fee. Users can collaborate in real-time from anywhere, share documents easily, and manage business files efficiently using the app.


8. Free Square Registration


Business owners can use the tool to track sales figures, inventory numbers, and more. Square Register makes it easy to send receipts to clients. You can also connect it to the headphone jack of your mobile phone and use it as a credit card reader.


9. Hangouts on Google or Skype: free


Any business must communicate effectively. Using audio/video calls, users can meet and discuss at the same time with multiple people. The app also offers group chat functionality.


10. Code of Taxes and Regulation - Touch Tax: $4.99


Every business can use this tax reference guide. Small and medium companies with only a few employees must pay taxes as well. Answering complicated tax questions is very helpful. It comes with the complete tax code from the latest edition.