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11 Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2022

Since the past few decades, our world has been moving expeditiously and all the credit goes to technological advancement. With things available at a single click, the IT industry has been booming. And with their boom comes an ever-increasing demand for coders. Gone are the days when one had to be well-versed in only one programming language. Today, IT companies look for those who can juggle multiple highest paying programming languages

Keeping in mind the time and effort involved in learning the most in-demand programming languages, it’s important to be sure of the programming language and the requisites that can be instrumental in learning it. But given the array of choices to pick from, which programming language is in demand in India? This article lists the top 11 highest paying programming languages for the year 2022. Let’s get started!

  1. Javascript

Being the best programming language for AI, Javascript has been one of the core technologies involved in developing the World Wide Web (WWW). It is generally used for defining a webpage’s layout as well as the content mentioned there. The skill set required to use Javascript includes CSS as well as HTML. About 98% of the websites have been using Javascript as a client-side programming tool. Earlier, it was only used for web development services but now it is used for server-side and non-web browser development services as well. Initially the younger brother of Java, Javascript has evolved to become an independent language. 

  1. Python

Because of its lucid readability, Python is one of the the most in-demand programming languages in India. Not only does it have extensive support add-ons that enhance the user-friendly experience but it can be easily integrated with miscellaneous web services. In the past one decade, it has been used to create various games such as Toontown as well as popular social media platforms such as Instagram. Problem-solving and abstract thinking sum up the required skill set to learn Python.

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  1. C and C++

C is known as the mother of other highest paying programming languages including Java, and Javascript. An advanced version of C programming language is C++. Learning C or not has become a question that pesters the brain of many. Some skip, while some learn it thinking that it will give an easy headstart to them. And this is the reason why both the languages are still considered the foundational languages of computer science. Both the languages have been used in applications as well as web browsers such as Adobe and Firefox.

  1. Go

Fostered by Google in 2007, Golang, popularly known as Go, has become one of the most in demand programming languages all because of its lucidity as well as massive code system base. It is generally used for APIs and for large projects. It has been in extensive use recently since IT companies often find themselves in a familiar state when it comes to the syntax of this programming language. Companies such as Google, Dropbox, Uber etc. have been using Golang since its very inception.

  1. Java

Born in the corporation of Oracle, Java has an object-oriented structure along with the very brilliant “Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA)” capability. It can be used on any application irrespective of it being on a Mac PC, Windows, iOS or Android. It has been used for web development services as well as application development services of Twitter, Amazon, Google etc. As of now, 3 billion applications are running on Java. 

  1. Kotlin

Born as Project Kotlin in 2011, this programming language has been interoperable with Java and other concerned programming languages. It has been used widely to develop Andorid apps as well as for extending web development services such as Pinterest, Coursera, PostMates etc. Some programmers around the world are of the opinion that Kotlin has an edge over Java since it has a light code base system and is relatively easy to adopt.

  1. PHP

This is an open-source programming language. It can be used to write server-side as well as command-line scripts. Since it has been used in building about 80% web development services around the world including Yahoo, Facebook etc., a lot of programmers around the globe find it essential to learn PHP. It is super-easy to learn. If one gets skilled in PHP, then it can also be used to make desktop applications.

  1. C#

Born in Microsoft Corpoeration in the 2000s, this is one of the highest paying programming languages for .NET framework. The language shares countless similarities with C++ but is pretty easy when it comes to the syntax structure. It has been used to develop Dell, Bing and many other popular websites.

  1. Swift

Some time back, Swift was deemed as the best programming language for AI. It has been groomed by Apple and can be found in Linux and other iOS applications. Swift is very easy to master because of the fewer codes involved. Even popular apps like SoundCloud and WordPress have been developed using Swift.

  1. R

Being an open-source language, it is an enhanced version of the S language. In fact, a majority of codes written for S, seamlessly run on R without any augmentation. R has been developed for statistics and a variety of calculations. It is slightly difficult to learn.

  1. Ruby

One of the easiest languages to pick, Ruby was develoepd in the early 1990s. Because of a friendly syntax system and lucid programming notations, there are umpteen web application services and frameworks that run using this progamming language. Such applications are called “Ruby on Rails” or “RoR”. It is also known for enforcing a good programming style.

So, these were the programming languages in demand in the year 2022. If you are planning to move forward into this field, then knowing a handful of the programming languages aforementioned is a must. Just look for the right platform as per your needs and get started. For more such insightful articles, stay tuned to Happy learning