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Upcoming Trends For Small Businesses You Need To Know In 2021-2022


Businesses seem to be doing something new every year. Some trends stick while others fade away. In 2022, upcoming trends in business are likely to remain. There are also a few that experts predict will emerge. Due to my 31 years of entrepreneurial experience, I do have some hunches despite my lack of psychic abilities. I predict eight small business trends for 2022

1.     Businesses that sell online will prosper

Adapting to the pandemic last year has resulted in many trends sprouting. What is one trend that I see continuing in 2022 and beyond? E-commerce. Online businesses are becoming increasingly popular. Online shopping is convenient and safe. The location of a brick-and-mortar business isn't an issue. Plus, business owners can avoid some overhead costs by doing business online. The benefits are plentiful. If you're thinking of starting a business but don't want to open a traditional store, go with an e-commerce firm. 

2.     Remote work will remain popular

Over the last year and a half, remote work has swept the world. The pandemic made half of the employees work from home in 2021. As a remote worker, I discovered many perks for both my company and my employees. Most likely, remote work will not disappear anytime soon. Quite the contrary. Remote work has taught us as employers a lot, like how offering work-from-home options can:

  • Boost productivity
  • to retain top talent
  • Balance work and life

Remote work was so popular the last two years, so I think it will stick around next year.

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3.     Communication applications will only grow in importance

Communicating clearly with your team is critical to the success of your business. Without good communication, collaboration might suffer and you might even witness workplace drama. Communications tools and applications have become a must-have in this remote era for strengthening communication. I think it will remain a significant part of the coming year.

Apps and communication tools can benefit any team, remote or not. Since Covid struck in 2020, video conferencing software and messaging platforms have become quite popular. Both are likely to last quite a while. 

Keep up with the newest communication apps. Examine ways to improve collaboration and communication and find out what works. 

4.     Businesses will adopt cashless payments

In the past, cash was king. The new trend in town is overpayments instead of cash. It's a cashless payment system. Paying without cash is possible in a variety of ways:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Mobile or digital wallets
  • Payment apps

The advancement of technology will bring more cashless payment options to your business, so you must remain current to satisfy your customers. Think about adding a cashless payment option or two to your list of accepted payments. Your customers will appreciate the variety of payment options you offer. 

5.     Virtual events will become more common in the future

Based on my understanding of Covid, I predict another top business trend for 2022. Covid still hosts conferences, meetings, and trade shows. You can also use virtual events to reach a wider audience. The number of virtual events is likely to rise in 2022. Online and in-person events will both be available. Organize a virtual event to make your business, staff, and customers safer. Attendance is free, whether you are on-site or virtually. 

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6.     Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent

Business is increasingly using artificial intelligence to streamline various tasks. The creation of artificial intelligence does not harm us; it increases sales, gives us a better understanding of our customers, and prevents fraud. Here are a few examples:

  • Chatbots on websites and social media
  • Smart assistants
  • Facial recognition
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Fraud-detection systems
  • Personalized ads and marketing

In 2022 and beyond, artificial intelligence will advance even further. Take advantage of AI now. It might help your company grow. 

7.     Video marketing will continue to gain popularity

A business owner's marketing constantly changes. Marketing strategies are in and out in a day. It is the era of video marketing. Using videos on your website or social media will allow you to promote your products. Businesses can benefit significantly from video marketing. The brand's video convinced 84% of people to buy. Consumers want more videos from brands they like. Incorporate video into your marketing strategy in 2022. Share videos on Facebook and TikTok.

8.     Many workers will work as gig workers.

With Covid's new normal in 2022, those numbers will only rise. Perhaps it matches your needs exactly. Contractors specialize in specific areas and can perform a one-time task. They can also save you money. Freelancing is a great way to obtain high-quality work at a low administrative cost shortly. You might find a worker you want to hire for good.