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The Most In-Demand Programming Languages In India – 2022

 Those seeking a dream job in software development can benefit from learning which programming languages are in demand. These days, recruiters prefer candidates that have excellent coding abilities over those with traditional degrees and experience. When there are hundreds of programming languages to choose from, choosing the right one to study may be a challenge, but there are numerous sources of data to help. This guide will teach you the most in-demand programming languages in India.


These highest-paying programming languages have a significant role in website front-end development. According to Stack Overflow, it is one of the most sought-after answers. Employers in India are looking for candidates who are fluent in JavaScript for front-end development (UI) and database development roles. API and RPA projects also benefit from JS expertise.


Data scientists are particularly fond of Python programming languages. Python-fluent candidates are in demand for roles such as Android developers, Amazon Web Services developers, Angular JS developers, and API developers in the software industry. If you are going for these roles, you should also brush up on your Java skills. Students often use Python for deep learning, deep learning algorithms, and AI, according to Coursera. Python is a popular programming language with an active community that has become even more popular with beginners due to its large library and simple syntax. 


Some of the biggest names using Java on their backends include Google, Netflix, Instagram, and Amazon. For positions such as AWS developers, Angular JS developers, API developers, and Android developers, Indian employers seek candidates with strong Java skills. Mobile, web, desktop GUI, games, and enterprise applications use Java.


The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) was first designed to run cross-platform languages, and Java was the first. However, Java's not the only language available on the JVM. The Scala language is also compatible with JVMs, and it can interact with Java libraries and code. Scala is used to developing Android apps, and Scala is also a requirement in jobs like AWS developers and big-data engineers.


In India, software companies are looking for SQL developers for various roles, including those as Azure developers, Amazon Web Services developers, or RPA developers. Developers of APIs often need SQL skills.


We are looking for candidates who have strong programming skills in C++ for projects related to building open-source applications and Android apps. Among the companies that use C++ are Microsoft, Opera, NASA, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, programmers in game development, robotics, and avionics use it.


Most of the top-10 lists featured PHP. Server-side scripting languages like Java are popular for developing static and dynamic web applications. Several software firms need full-stack developers with excellent PHP programming skills, and Drupal, a content management framework built with PHP, is also in demand.


Statistical programming language R is a dialect of the S programming language. R experts are essential for roles such as data analyst, research and development engineer, or data scientist at software companies exploring data. RPA developers can benefit from knowing R. It allows them to pull data from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. 


The basics still matter too many companies! Software companies must hire people with this knowledge and experience, whether they are front-end developers, full-stack developers, or web designers. In a survey by Statista, nearly 63 percent of respondents said they used HTML/CSS, making it the second most commonly used programming language. Websites, web applications, and enterprise-level software tend to use markup languages. It is also one of the top demanding programming languages.