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Top 10 Trending Technologies Highest Paying IT Jobs In India Should Know About


New information technology professionals often choose this career path. Some students specialize in IT-related fields.

With the way technology trends evolve, it is safe to say that IT is here to stay.

Because the IT industry is booming, it is hard to keep up with what employers are looking for in candidates.

Learn how these trends will help you stay relevant in a fast-paced, fast-growing industry by exploring the Top 10 Trending Technologies Highest Paying IT Jobs In India.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have many similarities and generally belong under the same category.

Understanding human behavior involves machine learning, which is often difficult to assess by humans.

Machine learning & artificial intelligence is the second weakest area in the global IT industry, thus making it one of the highest paying IT skills.

A cloud computing service

As an enabler, Cloud Computing has created a variety of channels of revenue by integrating technologies such as AI, IoT and cybersecurity.

Among the top investment areas on the horizon for 2020, cloud computing is ranked second and one of the top highest paying it jobs in india. Thus, it creates a lot of jobs in cloud computing software.

Analytics & Data Science

IT industries are heavily reliant on data. Data collection and analysis are necessary for gaining a deeper understanding of the market and industry.

Data analysts are always in demand because almost every organization needs them to collect, store, and manage data.

To make informed decisions, companies need Data Scientists to dig into the data.

A firm's data is vital during tough economic times. To manage all the accumulating data, IT professionals are in high demand.

The programming language

The number of computer programming jobs is forecast to decline by 7% by 2028, but coding jobs, as a subset of programming, are expected to increase and create more jobs.

A top programming language for 2020 is Python. Javascript follows in a close second.

Apart from being in demand, these are also some of the most highly paid programming languages.

Cyber Security

In the pandemic year of 2020, Cyber Security is the most in-demand IT skill.

Because of lockdowns and work-at-home policies, organizations have been forcing themselves to rethink and prioritize IT projects.

Despite economic downturns or slow growth, the survey by IDC found that organizations worldwide prioritize Cyber Security skills.

Cybersecurity is always a must-have for all organizations, regardless of budget constraints. 

You should take a look at Cyber Security if you're a student or between careers in IT.

Developing mobile apps

The popularity of mobile apps often lumps them in with programming.

Since the advent of smartphones, the development of mobile apps has increased exponentially.

The number of businesses trying to get into people's smartphones is increasing, so the need for mobile app developers is growing.


In 2023, Cisco predicts that the number of IP-enabled devices will triple the world's population. As a result of this astonishing growth, network engineers and administrators will be in demand.

Cisco offers networking certifications as the leader in networking and wireless technology. According to the 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge, over 22% of respondents have Cisco certifications. IT professionals are likely to see a rise in roles as networking and more devices become web-enabled.


Virtual Reality

VR is here to stay as VR sets are being sold online like clothes.

Shortly, VR will be applied in e-learning as the technology becomes more main-stream.


IT Support


With the expansion of more and more IT sectors, inevitably, the demand for IT support will only grow.

The IT Support department is responsible for ensuring smooth operations of all aspects of the IT world. So, IT support professionals with seasoned skills are also needed.


IoT (Internet of Things)

The reach of IoT will only widen with time due to rapid technological advancements. As "smart homes" become more prevalent, IT professionals will likely become more valuable.

As a result of the Internet of Things, technology has become a luxury for many people. Software development for IoT devices is one of the most in-demand IT jobs.


There are many aspects of the IT industry that are growing. Those working in this profession should keep up to date on the latest trends in the IT industry because it is constantly changing.

Also, there are many Top IT jobs in demand in the future, so even professionals with experience can always obtain better jobs, new projects, and new challenges in their careers.