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How to Use LinkedIn Features to Use in Your Job Search


LinkedIn has 133 million global subscribers, reaching 200 countries and territories internationally. According to Jobvite's Recruiter Nation Survey, 87 percent of candidates use LinkedIn for job seekers. Students and professionals alike flock to this popular job search and networking site. In a TV press conference, President Obama once joked about joining LinkedIn to land a job after he left office.

You are not taking full advantage of LinkedIn if you are only updating your profile now and then. You will also save time during your job search. Following are some LinkedIn job search tips on how you can use LinkedIn to its full potential to extend your professional network and land your dream job.

LinkedIn's CEO suggested the following three tips to maximize your LinkedIn profile:

· Maintain your profile.

· Describe your present skills and goals clearly.

· Share your recent experiences.

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The defining quality of a candidate's profile and the best way to use the platform was outlined by Weiner as "authenticity."

Weiner advised, "Be yourself. Don't just list your experiences; this isn't a resume. It is a dynamic approach to representing what you know, what you're looking for, within a professional context." "It's not just enough to have comprehensive information, but it's also important to have the latest, most up-to-date information, the more opportunities our members are going to receive."

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I have added ten more benefits of linkedin for job seekers to leverage LinkedIn for maximum efficiency in securing your new work, in addition to Weiner's advice. We'll assume that your favorite company is that you literally can't wait to work for the company. If you follow these tips, you'll be on your way to becoming an employee at the chosen company:

1.     Update your profile regularly. 

According to LinkedIn's blog, photos and skill sections are 20 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn than profiles without them. To help your profile stand out on LinkedIn, add a profile photo, regularly update your profile, and clearly articulate any relevant skills you possess. With more than 45,000 skills available, you can customize your profile to suit your needs.

2. Identify your current goals and skills in depth.

 Make sure no information about your current skills or objectives is left out of LinkedIn when you're searching for a new job. Include all of your skills on your page and share your ultimate purpose in your headline. It may appear that you haven't updated your profile in a while, which may turn employers away.

3.Discuss recent experiences.

 It is even more essential to make your recent experience clear to anyone who visits your page, especially if you are actively reaching out to connections and companies to find a job - which is likely why you are reading this post.

 4.Replace the headline with a relevant one.

Only your name, photo, and headline (which appear beneath your photo) appear when anyone searches for you. Ensure that your headlines stand out and highlight either your expertise or the position you are seeking. In contrast to headlines such as "HR professional connects employees with management," such headlines are simple and may grab readers' attention.

5. Announce your availability. 

Tell people you are looking for work if you can. Make your announcement using your headline. An advertiser could note, "Writer seeking businesses in need of a friendly ghost (or ghostwriter)" or "Petroleum engineer ready to find oil and make you rich."

6. Develop your network to the very highest level. 

Connecting with others can increase your exposure and opportunities exponentially. LinkedIn enables users to import their contact lists from Gmail and other services for easy contact.

7. Research the companies you want to follow. 

Finding and following companies on LinkedIn is simple during the job search. You may want to follow the companies you would like to work for on LinkedIn if you haven't already. Keep informed about new job opportunities and company news.

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8.Perform an advanced search. 

LinkedIn's Advanced Search feature lets you find companies that interest you. List the connections you have with the companies, for example, and discover who they are. It depends on their connection to the company how you can reach out to these individuals. You can ask them about the company culture if they work there. Ask their clients or service providers if it's pleasant doing business with them. Take your time and explore the company thoroughly to know how to approach them when you are ready.

9. Request an introduction. 

When you are ready to reach out to the company, you can ask your connection(s) to introduce you to someone they know within the organization.

10. Look for alumni from your university or college. 

You can connect with alumni from the same college or university by searching for them online. If you have a similar interest, you can get in touch with them and share it to help your job search.

She also advises on working with your alumni network when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn. Utilizing the Alumni tool is the easiest way to take advantage of LinkedIn's power.