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8 Reasons Why Python Is Becoming More Popular Than Java And C


The popularity and growth of Python continue to be astounding year after year. The Stack Overflow site predicted that Python would be the fastest-growing language in the world by 2020, meaning it would eliminate all other programming languages. Aside from being one of the most popular languages for machine learning, it is also known for its ease of use. Python is very popular, so why Python is important ? Here's what you need to know:

1.  Easy to use and to learn

Beginners and newcomers can easily get to grips with Python as it is very easy to learn and use. Python has simplified syntax, which makes it one of the easiest to learn. Its simple nature emphasizes natural language more than programmers' syntax. In addition to being generally easier to use and learn than other programming languages, Python is much faster to write and execute than most other languages.

2.  A mature, supportive community for Python

It's been over 30 years since Python was created, which is a long time for any community of programming languages to grow and mature adequately to support programmers at all levels, including beginners. A developer of all levels, from beginner to expert, can offer help when someone is having problems with the Python programming language. When it comes to a project's development, timing is crucial, as delays could cause the project's development to stall.

 3.    Corporate sponsorship from internationally known companies

When a corporate sponsor supports a programming language, its growth is faster. The PHP programming language is supported by Facebook, while Java is supported by Oracle and Sun. A large number of companies, including Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and most importantly Google, back Python as a programming language.

Since 2006, Google has been using Python for many applications as well as platforms. The training and success of Python by Google has involved a great deal of institutional effort and money. Python even has its own portal. Developers have access to a growing number of Python tools and documentation.

4.Language of first preference

Due to the high demand for the Python language in the development market, many programmers and students opt for the Python language. Languages that are in high demand are always attractive to students and developers. In the current market, Python is undeniably the hottest software.

5.Python is flexible

A programmer can explore new possibilities thanks to the flexible nature of Python. Any kind of application can be developed with Python. There are no other programming languages that offer such freedom and flexibility.

6.     Python in academic research

As a result of its many uses in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, etc., Python is now taught as the code-base language in schools and colleges. Thousands of schools and colleges around the world teach Python as it has become so fundamental to the development world.

7.  Automatisation


The performance of automated software testing is best enhanced by Python. Writing coding code is easy with automation tools. You will be amazed at how few lines of code are needed and how much less time it takes to do it.

8.  Python libraries and frameworks

Besides the excellent libraries, python has a generous corporate sponsorship and a supportive community that makes python a good choice for selecting and saving your time and effort on the initial cycle. Cloud media services also offer cross-platform support via library-powered tools, which can be highly beneficial. Python language offers many frameworks and libraries, such as:

The graphing tool matplotib

Science, math, and engineering applications in SciPy

For HTML and XML parsing, BeautifulSoup

Statistical computing with NumPy

Development of web applications with Django.