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Chat GPT vs Google Bard for Programmers

For programmers, and developers Artificial Intelligence offers great benefits, it can help you to write a small piece of code (Not advanced) for your big projects. Ai can help in debugging the code and finding minor mistakes, like Hidden Classical Mistakes which are minor yet easy to fix but sometime coders can't find them. There are many benefits of Ai for many fields like study, coding, suggestions, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the two most popular and powerful Ai chatbots or Ai tools, whatever you want to call them it's up to you, Chat GPT and Google Bard. Both are a neck to neck competitors let's go deep down about it 

We will talk about a common aspect of a programmer's life which is debugging and Research. Sometimes programmers stuck on a problem that is kind of different from coding, remember coding is not just about writing code on the computer it is way bigger than you think. 

Sometimes programmers are stuck on some problems like many times their environment is not set up correctly for developing something, sometimes code is correct but the system is giving errors due to some missing dependencies and many more things.

In this case, programmers Google the problem and before the Ai revolution Stackoverflow was a popular destination for doing research related to development problems, it's still a great place but I know many people trying AI for these works now.

So in the debugging and research, we will talk first about Google Bard and why it can be a good choice. below are the following reasons

 Bard gives the source attached to its response 

I hope before you are reading this article you already tried Bard and Chat GPT the biggest difference between these two is Bard gives the source link of its response, so in that case you will ask Bard for help with a bug or error then it may not give the proper response but it will give you various source website links so it is doing your work easy and saving time of googling it and finding a solution. 

When you got a source link from Bard you can go there and explore more about your problems if they exist on the internet

Bard is Updated 

Unlike Chat GPT, Bard can access the info which is posted yesterday on the internet. If you are working on a new framework and programming languages then Bard can help you better than Chat GPT cause Chat GPT can access only info till 2021, but Bard on the other hand can access the very latest information also, it obvious cause Bard is backed by google search engine 

Bard gives extra search-related topics 

When you will ask questions about Bard it gives the search-related topics links of Google search at the last of the response, this feature can be beneficial if you are researching bugs and problems, cause many times it happens like we know what we want to search or research about but we don't what question should I type on google or ask to Ai bots so in that case related queries can help you improve your question, which can help to get a better result.

Let's talk about Chat GPT and how it can help debug your code

Chat GPT understands better 

In my experience, Chat GPT better understands problems and gives a good and helpful response. I am not talking about working codes cause if you are a good programmer you already know why we should use Ai tools, Chat GPT can give wrong and not working codes but it can help you to open your mind a little to find the root cause of the problem, and that's enough for you if you are a good programmer, you should not rely on the response of any Ai but we can extract more aspects of an error by observing their responses. Chat GPT gives way better responses and gives various aspects about an error and how can it be solved. 

If you will just write one line about your error and the problems you are facing, it will surprisingly understand the whole problem and generates a response.


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No Need to Searching

Yes, you read it right if you are working on a problem that may exist before 2021 then Chat GPT can solve it in a few minutes cause it is trained to have a large dataset of before 2021. It can solve many problems with one response only. I have personal experience with it, when I ask about some problems which may exist many times on the internet like related to environmental setup, code dependencies, and many more Chat GPT solves it way better than Bard

Ease of use 

Chat GPT has many easy-to-use options, it stores the chat about your past conversation and you can access that conversation any time and it will give you a related response no matter when you access it.

Chat GPT can modify its responses according to the users

I have noticed that the more you do conversation with Chat GPT it trains itself based on the user's responses and tries to give almost 99% related response


So that's all about it, Chat GPT and Google Bard are both great revolutions in the tech industry, and you can't understand what one can do by just reading my experience. I suggest you try Chat GPT and Bard and experience both. For more such insightful content, stay tuned to