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The 5 Best Uses (So Far) for ChatGPT's AI Chatbot

AI chat GPT
has always been the heartthrob of marketing as well as IT companies all around the world. For those who aren’t well-versed, AI Chat GPT is a chat-based tool developed by the OpenAI research lab that answers questions with conversational dialogue. Its natural language skills will delight anyone who has had to rephrase questions to get answers from Siri or Alexa. The AI, trained on the vast chunks of text available on the internet, only knows information up to 2021. But it has a wealth of information about essential details and big concepts. This has excited some educators, but as long as you use it carefully, it can be a bonus brain. With the seamless facility of serving your customers in the most personalized as well as quickest manner, their demand has increased by a manifold. Recently, the introduction of the new tools of Chat GPT has caused excitement and concern with its ability to instantly answer complex questions. In the days that have followed the debut of these tools, enthusiasts have discovered umpteen uses of these AI chatbots, however, these five stand out from the rest. Let’s discuss these five in detail:

  1. It is economical in nature.

This might come as a surprise but AI chat GPT can help you in saving money like a pro. In addition to that, there is this “DoNotPay” bot that helps people fight traffic tickets and exorbitant bills. After integrating the conversational technology behind ChatGPT, DoNotPay can negotiate back and forth with any service that has customer service chat, expanding the range of bills that can be disputed to include medical bills, credit reports, and landlord-tenant disputes. The GPT-based extension will be free for a portion of its beta testing period and will eventually be included in DoNotPay’s current subscription service, which costs $36 every three months. Like Google’s Duplex AI making voice calls for you, bots could do all the tedious legwork in the future to get you better deals and cheaper bills.

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  1. Now, get healthy with your bot.

Changing your diet and planning an exercise routine is required work. To make it easier, Alex Cohen, Senior Director of Product at Carbon Health uses ChatGPT to create a health improvement plan with a daily calorie goal, exercise suggestions, a week-long meal list, and even a shopping list for all the necessary ingredients. Cohen broke his plan down into a series of steps, calculating his personal health scores, asking for meals that met his daily calorie and nutritional needs, asking for a grocery list, and then asking for an exercise plan that met his needs. There is no iota of doubt that ChatGPT is not a substitute for a doctor and nutritionist who can create a plan for your specific needs and physiology — a warning the tool will give you if you repeat Cohen’s search terms. But it’s an easy way to design a health plan that you can review for yourself or take to a doctor.

  1. Make a grocery list in a jiffy. 

Want to make a grocery list? Ask AI chat GPT. First, ask for a list of meals, explaining how many people you’re cooking for and whether you’re interested in dinner, breakfast, or lunch. State any preferences and dietary restrictions. Specify how many days you want meal ideas for, and poof, you’ve got a meal list. And there you go! Hassle-free than ever!

  1. Now, your children can listen to bedtime from the gran robot.

Prose generated by ChatGPT has yet to top the best-seller lists, especially since it hasn’t yet had the knack for creative style. But the tool can make a passable bedtime story for kids by assembling simple actions and language from simple prompts. For example, I chose a cat that wanted to go to space and AI Chat GPT told me the story of Max who fought his way through many obstacles to achieve his dreams among the stars. It will not replace traditionally published children’s books. But if you’re pressed for time or don’t have your child’s bedtime stories, creating one using OpenAI’s tools can help.

  1. Prepare for an interview

If you need to prepare to interview an exciting source, you can ask AI Chat GPT to ask some thought-provoking questions as entrepreneur Seth Bannon tweeted. This could come in handy if you’re a journalist or grilling someone on stage at an industry conference, preparing for a job interview, or preparing for dinner with someone you want to impress. You can even use it as a chat partner to set up mock conversations to practice what you’re going to say. You can also instruct it to reply in other languages ​​or to translate specific phrases. You can also use it to dress up your cover letters and emails for a bit of professional polish. ChatGPT isn’t perfect, but when there are many sample copies around the web, it can be a skillful communicator.

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