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ChatGPT Is Coming for Classrooms. Don't Panic

Since its inception in November 2022, ChatGPT has become the heartthrob of netizens. Everywhere, people are trying to get into the mechanical skin of this bot to make it serve multiple purposes. On the one hand, students can be seen participating in Model UN conferences with the help of a speech generated by a chatGPT, while on the other, some are labeling it as the death knell of Google. Guess what, one of the best uses for ChatGPT can be seen in classrooms. As pointed out by many Social Science teachers when students got their answers to a question on the sense of collective belonging from the chapter ‘Nationalism in India’ corrected, there were crystal clear traces of mechanical language in the answers generated by chatGPT but it did cover all the points. So, what can we expect next from this open AI bot? Today, Cybertech will be talking about how ChatGPT will become an invincible part of classrooms around the world pretty soon. 

The Open AI’s ‘100% attendance’ in classrooms

From November 2022 till now, many students have laid their hands on this open AI. Back then, students used to lay their hands on YouTube videos to understand something.  Now, when a bot can justify how Evans was able to escape jail in a Class 12 Literature chapter, then why wouldn’t the students be copying it as it is?! So, does this make teachers replaceable in classes? Does this put the future of assessing students under great scrutiny? Well, not really. A teacher who has been teaching in a high school in America for the past 25 years, takes this issue up. 

The teacher agrees that ChatGPT doesn’t make his students great learners or better thinkers in any way. But it does give them a platform where they can act as teachers and make corrections in the false notions and statements that are made by the bot, which is very much likely to happen. While the bot can generate answers and write essays, it does require further edits that are to be made in them. The answers or the essays, for that matter, are not pitch-perfect. This makes us conclude that this open AI bot can never be as intelligent in the way teachers or students are. This has given birth to newer forms of assessment.

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ChatGPT for classroom: Rampant cheating and whatnot!

Trust us, this is a grave concern. What teachers are most overwhelmed by is the rampant cheating that will be done by students from ChatGPT for classroom. Be it during extracurricular activities like Model UN competitions or extempore, during a Trigonometry test or that answer on the Kerb cycle, or that English essay, ChatGPT has managed to provide answers to anything and everything. All you need to do is simply ask. So, rampant cheating is likely to happen, no matter how much you constrict your students from using this very AI. 

ChatGPT for classroom: Death of creativity?

This is something that teachers fear the most. With mechanical language taking over the flowery brainstormed language, it can make creativity turn into a cadaver. Coming back to what the highly-experienced American teacher states, if the Open AI is used just the way we use a mere calculator for a Trigonometry question, there is hardly any chance of pronouncing creativity dead. This is because the necessary calculation or brainstorming will be done by students and not the bot. English teachers, especially, can make their students omit extra words or punctuation marks, and hence can make them spot further errors in the result obtained from ChatGPT. This could be one of the most lucrative and best uses for ChatGPT

Digital Divide: The last nail in the coffin

Nobody can deny that. ChatGPT is created to ease our lives and to ingrain the internet for an eternity in our DNAs. However, it comes at a great cost - the cost of widening the already-existing digital divide between those who have internet access and those who don’t. This can be bad news for a country like India where “Digital India” didn’t get a good headstart. There is no iota of doubt that people have got better internet facilities during the pandemic years but this is only true for the middle class. The lower-middle class as well as the underprivileged people have still not got smartphones, internet connectivity, laptops, etc., thus, they are still distant from the global village.

With ever-increasing popularity, one of the best uses for ChatGPT has managed to enter the classrooms but with a lot of doubts and grievances. To draw a solution to this, everything needs to be analyzed and worked upon in such a manner that it doesn’t yield catastrophic results for the Indian education system.

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