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Top 5 fastest growing programming languages for 2023

This is the era of programming. Be it an AI or a leaf, you can program everything that is under the sun. With people learning and mastering programming languages, their future has got brightened than ever. Are you planning to pick up a programming language? Well, before you dive in, go through this blog where we have laid out the top 5 fastest growing programming languages for 2023. Check them out.

  1. Python

Because of such a lucid syntax, Python has become every developer’s favorite programming language. Python is loaded with myriads of tools and a vast library to assist the developer. In addition to that, it’s interoperability with parent programming languages such as C and C++ is noteworthy. Here are the 5 top reasons to learn Python:

  • It is secure and short as compared to other programming languages.

  • It has less and more clear code.

  • It supports a plethora of machine learning operations.

  • It helps developers to be more productive

  • It supports advanced Android and web development.

This is the reason why Python is preferred by new as well as experienced developers.

  1. Kotlin

This iconic future programming language is all set to replace Java. Yes, you read that right! Kotlin is a cutting-edge language that is also multi-dimensional, practical, and popular, making it the most preferred language for Android app developers. The advantages of learning Kotlin are:

  • It has a meticulous connectivity with Java programming language.

  • It is innovative, efficient, and reliable.

  • It is optimizer convenient.

  • It supports development across multiple platforms.

  1. Swift

Swift is a compiled, general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language that Apple created as an upgrade to Objective-C. It is a fun and expressive scripting language that lets you play around with the code and see what happens in real time. The advantages of learning Swift programming language are:

  • Swift is simpler and easier to read.

  • It is also simple to maintain because programmers don’t have to work hard to keep the books.

  • When a Swift program crashes, it will stop on the line of code where a nil optional variable was used. This prevents mistakes in the code. So, Swift is a secure way to write code.

  • A clear and organized coding structure is one of its strengths.

  • Swift is a programming language that is extremely fast.

  • It allows dynamic libraries.

  • It encourages interactive coding with playgrounds.

  • Swift gives developers a direct way to change a language to make apps that are easy to use.

  1. R

Software engineers use R to process statistics, compute, test, visualize, and analyze. You only need a good understanding of math's to start working on this language. Like Python, R comes with a large number of libraries, such as pilot, tidyr, leaflet, and more. Thus, the R programming language works with statistics and analyzes data. Since it is a programming language, it can be used to write code to do things automatically. Following are the benefits of learning R programming language:

  • It is an open source.

  • It is loaded with a variety of packages.

  • It provides excellent support for data wrangling.

  • It is highly-compatible.

  • Perfect for projects involving statistics and databases.

  1. TypeScript

TypeScript is a documented OOP language that adds types to JavaScript to make it more powerful. However, it lets you build large applications with a syntax that is easy to understand and has few mistakes. Moreover, it is becoming very popular among developers because it makes JavaScript code simpler, which makes it easier to read and fix bugs. Also, it has a lot of tools for developing JavaScript IDEs and practices. Well, if you know what JavaScript and OOP are and how they work, the TypeScript tutorial will be easy to understand. Thus, it is a typed version of JavaScript that makes plain JavaScript when compiled. In other words, it is fully object-oriented, with interfaces, classes, and static typing, just like Java or C#. The advantages of learning this programming language are below:

  • TypeScript makes mistakes when it is being set up

  • TypeScript has all the benefits of optional static writing: Factors, capacities, properties, and so on can all have TS types added to them.

  • Static or dynamic writing is based on TypeScript. Static writing can be helpful for keeping track of skills, explaining how they are used, and reducing mental load 

  • Any programmer or JavaScript motor can use TypeScript.

  • A scripting language is an amazing tool that gives you hints as you type more code.

  • TypeScript helps with putting code in order.

  • TypeScript has the idea of a domain controller, through which a module is defined.

  • The way TypeScript explains things is up to the user.

So, these were the top 5 fastest growing programming languages for 2023. It is recommended to lay hands on these and master them to take advantage of numerous career opportunities that will be opening up in future. All the best!

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