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What programming languages are used by AI engineers?


Users everywhere benefit from AI programming in innumerable ways. Search engines and smart speakers make headlines, but they are only a fraction of the AI universe at work today. 

If you are considering a career in AI development, picking the right programming language can be challenging. We'll explore a few of the best AI programming languages and their impact on software products and society as a whole.

AI - what is it?

AI stands for "artificial intelligence." It's a term that originally referred to machines that mimic human intelligence. 

Essentially, AI is a technology that uses programming techniques to gather and analyze massive amounts of data. Basically, "artificial intelligence" refers to the technology behind voice recognition in smart speakers. 

The impact AI will have on our society and the world is still uncertain due to its relative youth. In the future, AI will influence consumer products, economic data, and Internet security. 

AI's impact on society

I am passionate about AI programming due to its potential to change our lives in several powerful ways. AI can revolutionize home entertainment, autonomous transportation, as well as everyday life, for instance, with smart speakers. Despite the buggy nature of many of these products and services, the AI revolution is already here. 

AI is used in many online commerce companies to keep people interested. Several recruitment platforms use artificial intelligence to assist in matching candidates to jobs based on previous placements. AI is also evident in the predictive search results on Google. Also, Pandora and Netflix know what music and shows you'll like.

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There's a good chance that an artificially intelligent warehouse robot picked your last Amazon order. The future of autonomous driving has now reached consumers with self-driving cars. Research continues on self-driving buses. As part of an AI revolution, this technology will affect virtually all aspects of our lives. Who knows if you learn programming skills to create AI yourself? The next big thing might come from you. 

What makes one programming language better than another?

Let's move on to the main topic, which programming language should you learn and use for artificial intelligence? AI projects do not always use the same language. Most AI concepts indeed require software written in multiple languages; however, the result remains based on logic and rules hard-wired into a software system using logic and the language of the software. 

AI programming languages: the best ones

Do you have a favorite programming language? Which language is easiest for you to learn? What is the most advanced programming language for ai-friendly applications? Let's take a look. 


Beginners and veterans alike have long preferred Python. The Python programming language can perform a variety of computations with ease. The simple syntax allows novices to dive in without worrying about "not knowing" the language's library or syntax, allowing them to focus on problem-solving. 

YouTube relies heavily on Python for both basic tasks, like security, and AI enhancements, like alert analysis. Also, Stripe uses Python to prevent and detect fraud.

The leading language for artificial intelligence, Python is suitable for learning, data science, and almost any application. We offer a complete guide to learning Python if it's your first choice. 


Globally, Java ranks fifth among programming languages according to Statista. Also, most everyday computer users are familiar with it (who hasn't gotten a "Java Update Available" notification at some point?). Since Java offers more than 20 AI libraries, it certainly deserves to be included here. Several artificial intelligence technologies, like Google DeepMind and Amazon Alexa, have been built using Java. The scalability and platform compatibility of Java makes it a great choice for beginners. 


In the '80s, C++ became one of the most popular high-level programming languages. From video games to servers, telephone switches, and space probes, the C++ ecosystem is huge.