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This is Why Developers use C++ for Developing Games

As per the developers around the world, the most fun task is developing games. By creating an appealing interface, hundreds of elements, avatars, and everything, developers get to enhance their skills, especially their command over a programming language. One of the best and most-recommended programming languages for game development vy the top game development companies in India is C++. Being an object-oriented language, its speed and lucidity helps it in standing out as a highly desirable language for game development. Want to know more? The following article traces C++ as a game development language in great detail. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

A sneak-peek into C++

C++ is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, meaning it organizes code into self-contained, reusable units. Those objects are designed to be reusable and movable, so you can code complex games without building everything from scratch. Being a powerful low-level language, it is built for machine readability. As compared to languages such as Python, C++ is more difficult to learn. But if you wish to seek a career in the top game development companies in India, then C++ is the language for you. Developers all around the world believe that it has a gold standard in game programming. 

C++ and game development

C++ is regarded as the best coding language for games. This is mainly because the language is good with memory management and provides more flexibility, control, security, and optimization of resources. Some of the most popular games designed by C++ are Assassin’s Creed, Doom, and the Bioshock series. We will be exploring the major reasons of C++ being dedicatedly used in the top game development companies in India:

  • Compatibility with the gaming engines.

One needs a game engine to create games, and C++ is fully compatible with several popular gaming engines like unity, unreal, and others. It used in numerous 2D game engines and 3D game engines. C++ allows you to develop games across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Godot and Unreal Engine, for instance, use C++ as their scripting language. The Unity game engine is written in C, but it's runtime language is C++. 

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  • C++ gives minimum latency.

As per the top game development companies in India, minimum latency is an essential requirement for game design. During gameplay, several objects need to move in a given second. Even one extra second of lag can break immersion for game players. And C++ provides you with minimum latency making sure that the gaming experience is smooth.

  • Has a better-run time than other programming languages.

C++ is a compiled language that gives better run-time performance. As per the experiments done, C++ had outperformed Java, C#, and Python with the fastest runtime of 1,129 milliseconds in the case of binary-trees. These are programs that allocate, traverse, and deallocate several binary trees, which are tree data structures.

  • C++ is compatible with low-level C and assembly language, making it easier for developers.

In addition to the flexibility that comes with its low-level components, C++ maintains high performance because it compiles down to machine code. Because of this, C++ programs can run at nearly the speed of the machine. On the other hand, higher-level languages require translation into machine code. While it takes a bit longer to write C++ code compared to high-level languages, this is an acceptable tradeoff for performance.

  • Helps in memory management.

Because C++ allows you to speak to machine hardware, you can manipulate hardware and control memory management to optimize applications for speed. This gives an add-on advantage when used for game development.

  • High performance despite being a low-level language.

C++ is a high performer when compared to other languages used for game development. Other popular game programming languages include Python, Java, C, and C#. While C is another low-level language used to program games, C++ manages to outperform Python, Java and C in generic programming as well as other benchmarks.  C++ produces native code that runs the quickest of all the languages programmers use. This language performs well when compared to others in terms of graphics. High frame rates and responsiveness are essential when creating console games, and C++ is crucial for it.

  • APIs based on C++ help in improving the overall performance.

It has the best hardware feature availability, directly connected to performance. Console manufacturers primarily choose C++-based APIs for their hardware since they improve overall performance. By now, many gaming APIs by the top game development companies in India are written in C++.

  • C++ comes with an array of libraries that support developing high-performing games.

C++ programming language comes with the C++ Standard Library which is a collection of classes and functions. These are written in the core language and are part of the C++ ISO Standard itself. These functions help in executing different commands in the programming language. The best part is that developers can create dedicated libraries for games.

  • Comes with great contemporary features.

If you use other languages like C, then it affects your product. Although C++ offers low-level access to hardware but still offers contemporary features of other programming languages that are crucial. 

So, this is what makes C++ unrivalled and undisputable when it comes to game development. Wish to read more on programming languages or game development? Visit us at for such insightful content.