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Here Are 5 Tips On How To Use Whatsapp For Business


In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19bn, making it the world's fastest-growing communication application. In January 2015, there were half a billion regular, active WhatsApp users worldwide. Every day, users share more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos. WhatsApp is more famous in India than Facebook, and even our maids use it. Our primary mode of communication has already replaced SMS. Businesses are now asking: how to use WhatsApp business?

We, Will, Look At 5 Creative Ways Your Business Can Use Whatsapp.


1.     Communication within a team using WhatsApp

Employees are always reluctant to adopt new communication tools within the company. People find it difficult to 'learn' new things. Most people use WhatsApp, and it doesn't require any training. Since the team already has WhatsApp access, I do not need to request it explicitly.

The Sales & Development team has formed WhatsApp groups to share instant messages instead of email. It's easy to use and fast. A web browser makes it even easier to type messages with WhatsApp Web.

2.     WhatsApp customer communication

When following up, WhatsApp will get you 40% more responses than direct phone calls. People like personal messages more than phone calls from unknown numbers. Engaging customers with WhatsApp increased response rates. In addition, this allows for some informality. How do you respond if a potential client does not reply to your quote? Either call or e-mail him following up. You could ask about the status on WhatsApp rather than doing this. New offers or holiday wishes are common on WhatsApp for small businesses. We offer WhatsApp calling to our international customers.

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3.     Support via WhatsApp for customers

For customer support, WhatsApp's wide reach makes it a great tool. Calling or submitting a ticket is always better than sending a message over WhatsApp. NowFloats uses WhatsApp for customer service. JustHerbs' Arush Chopra offers skin and product consultations on Whatsapp. Even new businesses like Wazapper provide tools & APIs to set up customer support systems using WhatsApp.

Some businesses may not benefit from WhatsApp support. If a company receives hundreds of calls every day, responding to every WhatsApp message would be impossible. A good choice for customers with a few requests is WhatsApp.

4.     WhatsApp Marketing & Promotion

In Rajat Uppal's words, WhatsApp is the new SMS. Marketing with WhatsApp can be very effective. WhatsApp allows you to send images, audio files, short videos, text messages and more worldwide. Unlike email, SMS has fewer format restrictions and a higher delivery rate than email.

Don't spam your customers with WhatsApp messages. Use WhatsApp to connect with your loyal customers rather than try to reach new ones. No one likes receiving messages from unknown numbers.

The best way to promote your business using WhatsApp is to develop creative ideas. On a toothpaste package, Colgate invited folks to send selfies of their smiles via WhatsApp. Become Sonam Kapoor's stylist for a chance to be styled!

5.     Business Uses Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is being used to help people grow their businesses cost-effectively and build new businesses. Here are some creative ways to use WhatsApp that might inspire your next project.

Service Concierge

Using WhatsApp as a booking platform, Russia runs errands in Mumbai. WhatsApp lets you book cake delivery, flower delivery, and courier services.

WhatsApp Food Ordering

Many local restaurants now allow their customers to order food via WhatsApp. Instant communication is available to customers.

Medical Consultation

WhatsApp consultations are now available from family doctors. It doesn't replace an in-person visit, but you can text your doctor with common medical questions. The medical store currently accepts photos of prescriptions and delivers medicines.

Government Services

Delhi Police launched a WhatsApp-powered helpline last year: 9910641064. Through this number, they received more than 23,000 messages and complaints on launch day. Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) provides Volvo bus helpline services via WhatsApp. You can use the service if you have complaints or suggestions about Volvo buses.


It is easy to communicate with others using WhatsApp. This program is popular because of its simplicity. You can use WhatsApp for your business in many ways besides personal communication. It is cost-effective and easy to use. Does your business use WhatsApp? Comment below with your story.