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How Automatically Reply A Message On Whatsapp

How Automatically Reply A Message On Whatsapp

How Automatically Reply A Message On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a very well-known app in the world. Whatsapp is an application owned by Facebook developer Mark Zuckerberg. I don't think that there is a need to explain to you about Whatsapp in this article, so I will teach how to reply a Whatsapp message automatically.

Whatsapp have many features like changing the theme, font size, status privacy and recently WhatsApp added a feature to search files, audio, video, images in a particular chat or from all Whatsapp chats. So basically Whatsapp developers are bringing advance features in every new update of WhatsApp.

But there is no feature which can automatically reply your Whatsapp chats, and today I will teach you how you can bring this feature on WhatsApp chats.

There are most of the tutorials on the internet about this,  but most of the tutorials will suggest you that install a third-party Whatsapp application or a modded Whatsapp application. But my friend installing a WhatsApp modded app will be harmful to your privacy, and maybe Whatsapp can ban your number permanently, so ignore these modded apps and stick with official Whatsapp.

Don't worry I will not teach you to install any third-party app, I will teach you an official way to bring more advance features in your WhatsApp chat so read the post and share with your friends.

How Automatically Reply A Message On Whatsapp

As we know that we have no option to reply a Whatsapp message automatically in official Whatsapp application, but there is a way to do this officially. We will use Whatsapp business official app instead of Whatsapp messenger. So follow steps carefully.

Step #1 Install Whatsapp Business App From Play Store

Step #2 After That Open App and log in normally as we do in Whatsapp

Step#3 After Successful Login, GO to Whatsapp Business Settings

Step#4 Click On Business Tools

Step#5 Now you will see some advance settings there

Step#6 For Automatic WhatsApp message reply or other message related settings we will focus on messaging tools area

Step#7 Click on Away Message

Step#8 After that click on send Away Message to on the feature

Step#9 Now set the message  on the given text box 

Step#10 After This Click On SAVE on the top right corner

Don't forget to save settings after every change.

Now Whatsapp will automatically reply the message which we set in step9. You can modify settings your according. there many more awesome features in WhatsApp Business app which is better than WhatsApp messenger.

Whatsapp Business is an official app so there is no risk of privacy and ban. Enjoy

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