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10 Best SEO Tools For Website Optimization- SEO Experts Use In 2022


SEO is also a popular tool for small businesses, so why shouldn't it be? Almost all SEO tools offer free trials, just like most all SaaS providers. A marketing technology audit can even convince top corporations to try out free trials. In other words, if you allow someone to try a tool for free, at least in part, it makes it easier for them to decide which tool to purchase.

This post will show you the best SEO tools 2022 available in the market.

1.         1. Free SEO Tools from Google

It's no surprise that Google offers free SEO tools. Google can increase its revenue by enhancing advertising revenue opportunities by providing free SEO tools. Thus, the overall conversion rate is higher when people find the right content that meets their needs as a whole or answers their questions. I always recommend using these tools. You start with them and they remain great as your site matures.

1.       2.  Google Search Console

One of the best free SEO tools out there is Google Search Console. Google indexes your website so you can make sure it performs well. The real-time tracking feature shows which keywords drive traffic to your site. This allows Google to index URLs and sitemaps more quickly. Once you've been successful, you'll receive a summary of your search results. Google Search will also send you performance alerts. Essentially, it shows how users and Google perceive your site.

 3. Google Analytics

Analytics refer mainly to paid search and other marketing efforts. Google provides you with information about how well those campaigns are doing. Furthermore, Google provides you with data regarding how well your content is doing with SEO.

What role does Google Analytics play in SEO optimization? You can get a real-time idea of how your content is performing. Businesses without paid ads should still utilize content analytics. This information can help you identify areas in your strategy for improvement. Perhaps you are not competitive for some of your keywords.

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 4.  Google Trends

Among the best SEO tools 2022, Google Trends informs you what people are searching for online. Trends track search volumes and break them down by region. It also offers cool stories, trends information, and consumer insights. It is perfect for searching for specific keywords. The report will show details about how people feel about that term. Search results on "Twitter marketing" show that interest varies sharply over time, with a relatively flat overall trend. Search results may vary considerably by state. Essentially, Google Trends tells you what people are talking about by keyword. You can use this to determine which keywords you may want to use on your website. You may also want to modify or eliminate some. You can use Google Trends to improve the relevance of your content over time.

1.     5. Google Keyword Planner

It's technically part of Google Ads, but it's still a free SEO tool worth exploring. It lets you research keywords and find them. Keyword Planner allows you to discover keywords you may never have thought of. Additionally, Trends will show you keyword trends over time.

SEO professionals value this information greatly. SEO strategies involve finding and optimizing for new keywords. You can use Keyword Planner to discover keywords that might be less competitive but highly relevant. 

1.     6. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google offers a free tool that shows you how your site is performing. It includes how quickly your site loads on mobile and desktop. Once you have done that, Google will tell you how to resolve bottlenecks.

Most people do not think about page speed in terms of SEO. Despite this, page speed is crucial to SEO because it lowers the "bounce rate," or the frequency with which people abandon your site. Similar to this, the longer people stay on your site, the better your search engine result. Therefore, you can improve SEO optimization without touching the content by fixing the problems Page Speed finds.

  7. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Let's assess Google's mobile-friendliness test. You can use this feature of Search Console to view how well your site performs on a mobile device. You'll receive an overview of how easy it is to use your URL on a mobile device. Then, you can optimize for mobile.

Free SEO tools like this are essential because more and more site users are using mobile devices. Many commuters also use their phones while sitting on a train or bus to check out websites. Mobile-friendly websites decreases bounce rates and increase dwell time. That means you get more attention from potential customers.

1.        8. Other Free SEO Tools

Both marketers and site owners should know that Google isn't the only show in town. You might also consider other search engines as well as third-party free SEO tools with their insightfulness and thoroughness. I will discuss what each tool gives you for free in this section. Sometimes it's a trial, and sometimes it's a limited feature. 

1.     9. Answer The Public

A keyword can help you find out what people want to know about Answer the Public. They specialize in analyzing Google searches and then identifying additional keywords and search intent. You can use this to identify the thoughts of your customers.

When ranking content, Google takes into account answer the Public's insights. Usually, it is possible to tell how long people stay on a page and which previews they view. It provides insight into how to select keywords.

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1.     Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a paid app, but it has a lot of free SEO tools. One of these is keyword research for Amazon and other search engines. You can also analyze the top 10 results for any keyword using tools and widgets. Additionally, you can check the ranking in each country using the keyword ranking checker.

These tools are invaluable. The other sites they work with expand your ability to search for keywords. Link building and bounce rates are also affected by broken links and backlinks. Using the ranking data, you can formulate a strategy to maintain dominance.