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Here are the 7 best image optimization plugins for WordPress to speed up your site


Managing images on a WordPress site requires multiple compressions, which is a pain to do manually. A WordPress Image Optimization Plugin can help. Image compression and resizing tools for WordPress websites.
These plugins make it much easier to maintain and accommodate images on WordPress websites.

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Check out these best WordPress image optimizer tools.

1.    1. Smush

Smush is a WordPress plugin for image optimization that reduces site load time while preserving the quality of the images, with a valuable bonus to boot! It maintains the highest quality, even after it is compressed for faster loading.
Considering the services it offers, positive reinforcement is often associated with this tool.

The main features of Smush are:

  • Resize images
  • Shelving off screen images are easy with lazy loading
  • Process all types of images
  • Maintaining image quality with lossless compression
  • Optimization of images using automated tools.

1.    2.Ewww Image Optimizer

There is an image optimization tool by a unique name, Ewww Image Optimizer, but its common purpose is to reduce image sizes. The main benefit is that it prevents users from dying of boredom when a website is slow. Aside from its excellent compression capabilities, it has impressive efficiency.

The key features of Ewww Image Optimizer are:

  • Support for images of any size.
  • Adaptive Steering for easy file type conversion.
  • Ensures perfect images
  • with optimal compression and quality 
  • Bulk image optimization

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1.     3. Short Pixel Image Optimizer

The Short Pixel Image optimizer offers efficiency and flexibility, making this a solid option for optimizing your WordPress images. It can compress PDFs and images on any website, and it is entirely free and easy to download.
The WordPress image optimization plugin comes across as a high-quality tool with minimal compatibility. The plugin is also kept updated and error-free by ShortPixel's team.

Feature highlights of Short Pixel Image Optimizer

  • Compress PDFs as well as images 
  • in a lossless manner to maintain quality 
  • Works with HTTP and HTTPS sites
  • ecommerce compatibility
  • Results available over 30 days

1.     4. TinyPNG Compress JPEG and PNG Images

This WordPress Image Optimization Plugin lets you compress JPEG and PNG images. It is an excellent tool for compressing and handling images to speed up page loading times and keep visitors interested.

You can upload images to your WordPress site using the tool. It analyzes your site's content and finds the best way to present your content.

  • Compress PNG and JPEG images with TinyPNG 
  • WooCommerce and WPML compatible 
  • Animated PNG compression 
  • Improve image uploads with the WordPress mobile app
  • Bulk optimization for all your images
  • Support for Multisite sites

1.     5. Robin Image Optimizer

Among the most effective WordPress image optimization plugins, Robin Image Optimizer is undoubtedly a hidden gem. Despite its exemplary picture quality, it can compress images up to 80% without loss of quality.
Additionally, all features are free to use. A single con of the tool is that the image weight cannot exceed 5MB. Your WordPress website is unlikely to host images larger than 5MB.

Robin Image Optimizer offers the following features: 

  • No subscription fees
  • Easy mass optimization 
  • Backup of original images 
  • Reports about optimized images
  • Compatibility with various compression methods

1.     6. Imsanity

Bloggers with many contributors and editors but no knowledge of optimizing or compressing images should use Imsanity.

Imsanity automates everything. An uploader can upload one or more images, and the plugin will scale each image accordingly. Several languages and five-star ratings have been generated by the tool.

The key features of Imsanity include: 

  • Import and scale images from WordPress 
  • Resizing images in bulk
  • Customize JPEG dimensions
  • Fully automated.
  • Incorporate BMP or PNG images into JPG files.

1.     7. Image Optimizer

There are hundreds of thousands of websites over an array of CMS using ReSmush. Its image optimization plugin. A browser plugin that resizes JPG, PNG, and GIF images and video files to help your website load faster.
Only the image size limit is a drawback of the plugin. With the free version, users can compress and improve images up to 5 MB.

Image Optimizer's Key Features

  • Make uploading easier for users
  • Duplicates pictures from originals
  • Reverting to the original images
  • Free and fast image optimization
  • Cronjobs can optimize images

A New WordPress Feature Will Make Your Life Easier

WordPress' development team continuously develops new features for its users as its users are growing. Regardless of the version, type of site, or time of day, your site's security should be paramount. Fortunately, there are plugins for that as well.