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Your Business Needs the Best Social Media Management Tools


Businesses can easily communicate with customers via social media. Identify your market and communicate about new products. Social media platforms are so numerous that managing them all manually might seem overwhelming. A social media management tool can make the process easier.

Some free tools are also among the best social media management tools for 2022.

Tools for managing social media

Check out this list of the best social media management tools for small businesses. These tools will help you save time and grow your community.

1. Hootsuite

The social media management platform Hootsuite is very popular. You can plan campaigns, schedule posts, manage photos, monitor mentions and messages, and analyze the analytics. There are two types of plans: free and professional. You can add as many users as you like. You can create team accounts, assign permissions, assign content, and integrate up to ten social media accounts. Business and enterprise accounts are also available. A 30-day free trial is available.

2.     2. MeetEdgar

The MeetEdgar platform automates content on social media. The platform offers flexible scheduling of social media posts. The evergreen content library lets you create variations and auto-generate posts based on the library. A/B tests automatically track engagement trends. You can post to up to 25 social accounts with the regular Edgar plan, which costs $49. Each plan is free for seven days.

1.     3. Sprout Social

Our mission is to help businesses maximize the value of their social media strategies. Publishing, scheduling, engagement, and analytics are some of the capabilities. Analyze content over time and discover trends.

Standard plans start at $99 per user per month. The app provides five accounts, a content calendar, review management, and an all-in-one inbox. Additionally, Sprout Social offers features like premium analytics and listening. It is also free.

1.     4. Zoho Social

There are many scheduling options in Zoho Social for businesses of all sizes. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business all offer tools. The social media management platform can measure when your followers are most active so you can post at the best time. You can also pair it with other tools like Zoho CRM and ads to get the most out of it. You can try the business plan for free for 15 days. For social media agencies managing multiple brands, there are options.

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1.     5. Buffer

Buffer helps businesses create authentic connections through social media. Publish content or schedule it to publish on its own periodically. The tool also offers analytics to track the performance of your social posts and help you choose the most effective times to post. Paid and free plans are available. 

1.      6.  AgoraPulse

Social media users can utilize the Agora Pulse service to become more productive and organized. Users can publish, monitor, and collaborate as a team. An inbox combines messages and mentions in one place. Inboxes make it easier to manage conversations and customer service inquiries. Scheduling tools allow you to plan posts. You can sign up for three free accounts. The paid membership makes managing small teams easier.

1.     7. CoSchedule

You can organize all your marketing with CoSchedule. The marketing software has a calendar and workflow management tools, so you can automate everything and stay on top of it. Use them together or separately. These tools let you manage your blog posts, ads, and social media. It's perfect for companies that need all that info in one place. The monthly fee is $29 per user. The marketing suite tools are separate. 

  8.  Facebook Publishing Tools

It is ideal for small businesses that are mainly looking to organize their Facebook content. A variety of options are available for managing everything from posting to advertising. There are even some features that integrate with Instagram. It takes some time to learn and navigate the options because each option has a different function. However, any business with a Facebook account can access it. Facebook Publishing Tools are usually free to use. Some may require an additional charge, though.

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 9.  TweetDeck

Most people know Tweet Deck as a Twitter management tool. It also replaces Twitter's previous "Dashboard" app, which was discontinued in 2016 and now belongs to twitter. It allows you to track conversations, organize posts, and monitor engagement. Setup multiple streams of content to monitor - brand mentions, hashtags, and Twitter lists. Use the same dashboard to tweet and manage content. It's free to use. All you need is a Twitter account. You can't use it with other social networks. It is perfect for those who want an advanced Twitter presence.

1.     10. Social Pilot

It's one of the marketing, analytics and social media scheduling tools. It's perfect for businesses dealing with a lot of social networks and a lot of posts. You can manage 200 accounts and 1,000 posts a day. White label analytics reports and PDFs are also available. In addition, there is a central e-mail inbox to manage conversations.