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Scope Of Cloud Computing: Demand, Salary & Importance Everything You Need To Know [2022]


We'll discuss the role cloud computing plays in the tech sector and in India. You'll find out if it's a ripe or barren field. Additionally, we discussed the reasons for this industry's rapid growth and the benefits of cloud computing. Here we go.

Cloud Computing

A cloud computing service provides computing power and data storage on demand, without the user maintaining them. In other words, cloud computing is the act of sharing resources over the internet. Users access servers, applications, and storage through the internet. 

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There are many benefits to sharing resources. It is true that not every company can afford to own a dedicated data center. In contrast, cloud computing allows them to access these resources based on their demand and capacity. An example is Google Drive, which offers on demand self service in cloud computing. You can share a link of a Drive folder and collaborate as well. 

 Why Cloud Computing Is Important

Many industries use cloud computing. Many companies are investing in cloud-based services rather than local or in-house resources. Cloud computing has become essential for modern businesses due to the following benefits:

1.    1.  It is safe

Cloud service providers understand the importance of providing high-quality security to their customers. A benefit of this solution is that all the necessary files and applications are stored digitally, which reduces the threat of physical theft (theft of hardware). Cloud storage and services eliminate the risk of files decaying due to poor storage or misplacing documents.

 2. Cost-saving

Cloud computing allows companies to save money as they don't have to purchase expensive data storage facilities and servers. Many companies cannot afford these pieces of equipment because they are so costly. However, cloud computing allows them to take advantage of the same benefits for a much lower cost

1.      3. Accessibility

Companies receive the same benefits regardless of their location. Organizations are increasingly adopting cloud computing for this reason. Its users can access their files at anytime from anywhere. This feature enables easier collaboration between different teams and helps them stay productive. 

1.     4. Increasing efficiency

It's another advantage of using cloud computing solutions and growing cloud computing demand in market. You don't have to hire as many people to manage them. As a result, companies can hire cloud computing experts to oversee these systems. Additionally, they allow users to access their files and software from anywhere at any time. 

1.    5. Careers in Cloud Computing

The scope of cloud computing is very bright. As per a recent report, the Indian cloud computing market is worth $2 billion and is expected to grow at about 30% annually. By 2020, cloud computing will generate $4 billion in India and more than a million jobs. 

Cloud Infrastructure Engineers, Cloud Architects, Cloud Enterprise Architects, and Cloud Software Engineers are highly in demand. Considering the expected growth of this field, cloud computing professionals have fantastic career prospects. 

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Salary of Cloud Computing in India

Cloud computing entry-level jobs currently pay between 5 lakhs and 7 lakhs per year. You will earn more as a cloud computing professional as you gain experience. Cloud professionals make more than a crore, while mid-level managers make about 20 lakh per year.  

The talent shortage in this sector is also vast. 1.7 million Cloud jobs globally remain unfilled due to the lack of qualified professionals, according to the same report. Cloud professionals tend to have less than 1% of the required qualifications. A cloud computing professional can acquire the skills necessary to become highly in-demand within a short period. It has a bright future in India.


Nowadays, cloud computing is an ideal career choice. Cloud computing demand is growing every day and companies are actively looking for qualified experts. You can complete the Executive PG Program in Software Development Specialization in Cloud Computing program online in 13 months, so you don't have to interrupt your work.