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3 Reasons To Market Your Business On Instagram


Having been managing Instagram accounts for clients for some time, Information’s' Digital Marketing department is glad to have its account launched at last. The team would like to demonstrate what we have learned over the years!

Our platform is valuable for other businesses, so we want to share how. You can boost sales through relationships and brand awareness.

Instagram - why?

According to Forbes, Instagram was the second most downloaded app last year (behind Tik Tok). There are now more than 170 million active users in the U.S. alone. With its popularity, your business should be on Instagram if promoting your business on Instagram.

Instagram is an effective tool for helping brands build their brand identity, create marketing personas, and convert sales. The visual nature of Instagram makes it efficient for this. Here are three ways to make the most of Instagram.

1. Visual identity building

On Instagram, users upload their own pictures to their profile, so they are the only ones who control the content. Thus, you can manage and curate the image of your brand. What is your relationship with Coca-Cola? A polar bear and the color red come to mind. Brands should already have a color scheme, logo and font picked out. If yours does, you're halfway to success. To build your brand identity, consistently use your assets.

The Instagram "profile" displays your photos and videos in a tile format. Keeping an active Twitter account requires you to publish at least three times a week, according to Hootsuite.

1.     2. Creating a brand persona

The language used by a brand in its captions, comments, or stories reveals its personality. In addition, how your brand communicates can influence how people perceive it. With Instagram video and story features, you can present an authentic and more personal voice that engages your audience. Here are some examples:

  • Stories on Instagram: You can view videos and images for up to 24 hours after being posted. A photographer can capture special events, company culture, or even take a look behind the curtain.


  • IG Live: Live streaming is Instagram's form of broadcasting that informs all account followers when it goes live. Your audience can connect more directly with you through Q&A sessions about your products or services.


  • Instagram Reels: Since Tik Tok’s short-clip style gained popularity, Reels was created last year. There are both educational and silly Reels available. You can use Reels to create a tutorial or product compilation for your company. Please make all videos you post here fun, light, and up-to-date.


  • Captions: These captions are optional for all posted photos, and the character limit is 2,200. Sprout recommends keeping captions under 50 characters, so be succinct!

    3. Sales Promotion

Instagram may seem like the go-to networking app, but there are a lot of features that businesses will benefit from. In particular, Instagram offers a way to showcase your product catalog and close sales directly through the app.

In 2020, Instagram added a shopping section to its navigation bar, which has led to an increase in e-commerce activity. Here's how you can maximize the opportunity:

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  • The shopping page: According to Instagram, 130 million people visit shopping posts every month. It is necessary to create an account for setting up your product catalog through your Facebook Business page. As a result, users won't need to leave the app to purchase their products.


  • Tagging: Businesses can also add tags to photos or stories that describe their items for sale. Instagram used for marketing and it allows the user to view the product without visiting your website and sift through its contents. Ultimately, shopping feels more authentic.

Get started

You can experiment with your brand image and voice on Instagram regardless of whether you're a seasoned Instagrammer or a newbie. For marketing through Instagram or social media in general, get in touch with us today-we are social creatures!