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How to Use Facebook to Build a Professional Network for Your Business


In terms of monthly active users, Facebook has over 2.8 billion. With 740 million users, LinkedIn is on its way to overtaking Microsoft. Recruiters have been using social media for years to find fresh talent. It makes sense to leverage Facebook to build a solid professional networkFacebook is one of the popular social networking site.

Here are some tips.

Preparations for Building a Professional Network on Facebook

You should improve your landing page before trying to network with key people.

   1. Create a Custom URL

If you intend on using Facebook for professional networking, you should customize your URL. It makes it easier to find you. Like LinkedIn, Facebook is a social networking site that assigns you a long and ugly URL when you create an account. There is a way to change it. You can do so by going to the general account settings.

2   2. Take a professional profile picture

Your display picture is the first thing people notice about your profile when they land there. Using Facebook to build your professional network requires that you be professional. Here are some tips for taking a professional photo:

  • Ensure that your face occupies at least half the picture.
  • Dress smartly and casually.
  • Try to smile.
  • Show confidence.
  • Wear minimal jewe

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  •  3. Fix privacy settings

As a user of Facebook, you probably share posts with your friends and family. You may also include embarrassing photos, videos, or feelings about sensitive topics. It may damage your professional networks. Ensure that your privacy settings hide these posts. Alternatively, you can put various types of posts into different groups. 

 4. Adding the right links to the professional details

Update your Facebook profile to include professional information. What do you do for a living? I see the space that you need to enter. Employers or other professionals in your field will recognize your value. Furthermore, you can use your bio space to write your tagline if an entrepreneur, small business owner, or contract employee.

5  Ways to Build a Professional Network with Facebook

·        Groups for Your Niche

Find relevant Facebook groups to begin building your network on Facebook. You can develop your presence; meet multiple people in your industry, and network with them.

·        Join Facebook groups, participate, and learn

Make sure you review your groups daily. Read about new industry trends, ask a question, see another's solution, or find out about recent trends in your industry.

·        Understanding the Fine Line Between Helping and Spamming

Groups are a great tool for sharing information, but spam is an advertisement for your company's products or services. Additionally, unless your friend has given you their permission, you aren't allowed to send friend requests or direct messages to members of a group.

 ·  Engage Your Network with Meaningful Relationships

Considering what we discussed earlier, you cannot add someone you are not friends with without their consent. In any event, if you have already exchanged a few words in the comment section once or twice, you're in good shape.

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·     Maintain a professional network

In order to maintain the new relationships you have begun after getting introduced, you must take care of them. In order to get any benefit from your network, you cannot just add people, ignore them, then message them later when you need something. You can't do that.

Using Facebook to network

Facebook audience network can help you advance your career more quickly. Attend networking events to gain more connections. Take advantage of every opportunity to accelerate your career. You may receive a project or job offer from someone who helped solve a problem on Facebook?