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Here are 10 websites where you can learn Java coding for free in 2021


I will share some of the top ten websites that you can use to learn coding and programming for free in this article.


 Several websites provide resources for Java programmers but similar resources exist in other languages. The other site does not ask you to write code online, so the site is language-independent. Instead, it only checks your answers against random input data.


1. Coursera


You can find Java programming courses on Coursera, probably the most popular place to find online courses. You can view videos in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and French. Subtitles assist in making it easier to understand. There you will find Java fundamentals, Java for Android and Java for advanced levels of programming.


2. Codecademy


Java programming is available as a free course at Codecademy, where students can learn the basics and work on seven projects, including creating their own calculator. You can find information on control flows and conditions, object-oriented programming and data structures on the syllabus.


3 Java 101


Java World is a free online course that gives you access to the Java language without setting up anything on your computer. Just try it. With this tutorial, you will learn Java from scratch using short and engaging exercises. Another advantage is that there are plenty of examples throughout the course.


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4. Udemy


Online learning is made easier with Udemy, one of the most popular platforms. Java programming courses are available for free and if you agree to pay up to $11, then the number of classes drastically increases to 736. Its user-friendly interface allows you to sort courses by level, language (English, German, Spanish, Turkish, etc.) and availability of tests to check your knowledge.


5. edX


Take a Java course for free with edX, a free online learning platform that offers courses from leading universities like MIT, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and UC3M. You can enroll in the majority of these programs at any time because they are self-paced. The option of getting a certificate is also available but it is a paid option.


6. Oracle Java Tutorials


One of the world's leading software development companies, Oracle offers a free onlineJava tutorial for beginners. This guide, which is regularly updated, provides steps to create easy and simple applications. You will also learn about GUI creation, custom networking and JavaBeans in addition to the basics.


7. Sololearn


Sololearn offers an online course for learning Java for free. During the course, they cover 65 lessons spread over 6 modules. The topics you will cover include loops and conditions, arrays, classes, objects, exceptions, lists, threads and files.


8. Skillshare


With Skillshare classes for aspiring coders, you can learn Java programming for free and learn a new skill. To pick out the shortest lessons, sort them by length and choose the ones with the shortest duration. On this website, you can also find out how many students enrolled for this or that course, along with their reviews, so you can pick the tutorials that are worth watching.


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9. Codementor


Codementor's collection of tutorials, courses and valuable tips and tricks is a great resource for Java developers to learn this programming language online. Our site features the latest Java-related news, articles about coding and programming tasks. Do you also need developer tools? You're in the right place!


10. Home & Learn


Beginners without programming experience can study Java with Home & Learn's Free Java Course. The only requirement to begin coding in Java is a Java Virtual Machine and a Software Development Kit. The course description includes links to the necessary resources.