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10 Types Of Landing Pages Guaranteed To Convert - Your Sales


What is a landing page

You can convert visitors into clients and customers by creating landing pages for your website. Your website will gain more visitors with landing pages, also known as lead generation tools. These pages are crucial to campaign performance as they influence campaign performance in many ways. Our article covers ten different types of landing pages and how to select the right one for your current project.

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Landing page for products


For those selling retail and tech products, they need a product page. Most homepages steer visitors to various products and services. Your audience can see products strategically on these landing pages.

Let's say your site offers a data recovery service. At this time, you are running ads for photo recovery or other features of the software.

If someone clicks on an ad, make sure they land on this page. Product pages should also include images and a guide on how to use the product.


Page Squeeze


Email capture is possible through a squeeze page. Provide engaging content to capture emails. Keep the layout simple and easy to find.

You can gain their email addresses by providing free newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers, and trials. Rewarding someone with something in return is more likely to earn their email addresses. It helps to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and value with the customer.


A page for Lead Generation

These free lead generation landing page templates contain user names, electronic mail addresses, designations, industries, company names and sizes. It can vary depending on campaign goals and customer demographics.

A successful lead generation campaign will include compelling headlines and a catchy CTA button. Ensure that you comply with the user's privacy policies, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Landing Page for Splash


Like a splash of water, this landing page aims to draw visitors' attention without delay. It appears before someone reaches the expected page.

Instead of conversions, this intermediary page makes announcements about promotions, new products, or webinars.

You can also use them for language preferences and age declarations. They usually ask for minimal information and have minimal content.


Click-Through Landing Page

Detailed advertisement about a particular offer helps entice visitors to land at the conversion page. Rather than forcing the user to checkout, the landing page should enable them to make more informed purchase decisions.

You should include perks and features of the product or service on the splash page. Make sure the information is relevant and appealing. Make sure the CTA is noticeable.


Landing page for long-form sales


It is the online version of an infomercial. Such landing pages contain persuasive content written to persuade a customer to buy goods or use services. A testimonials page can include videos, CTAs, and testimonials.

Additionally, you can add a description of your products or services to include a discount code. You may not need a long page. Users are more likely to buy from you if you answer all their questions.


404 Landing Page


The truth is, sometimes visitors will experience 404 errors no matter how much you dislike them on your website. You do not have to remove these pages forever. Instead, gain some leads through this circumstance.

Humor can help you get over this unpleasant situation. Create an eye-catching website. In this way, your homepage (or other sections) may attract viewers' attention.

Additionally, you can add a call to action on the 404 page. You can use it to encourage users to subscribe to promotional emails, newsletters, etc.


Landing Page Coming Soon


Rather than seeing non-existing pages, visitors hear coming soon announcements. If your website isn't live yet or you're still developing parts of it, you should create this landing page. It is an ideal time to show off upcoming service or product launches.

Send them an email to inform them about the launch. You can also develop a target demographic you can focus on later with this method. It is also creative to include a countdown clock on this landing page.


Landing Page Thank You


Thank You web pages usually fail or do not serve any useful purpose. Their usage is also not common. Visitors to this page download buy or subscribe to a service. An additional landing page containing offers and gifts would be better, though.

Make the most of this opportunity to motivate visitors who are already interested in your product or brand. Do not simply give them a thank you message. Include links to your blog, social media accounts, etc.


Price Table Landing Page


As a crucial landing page, the pricing page of your website determines conversion. On this landing page, you should know what types of packages are available and their costs.

Make sure you offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. A FAQ section will help answer the most common questions users might have.

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Maximize Conversion for Stable Growth

You should prepare your strategies before creating a landing page. From this list of landing page types, choose the ones that best fit your goals. In addition to a good landing page/ free landing page templates, you should further research web design to create a perfect website for your brand.