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10 Best Free And Open Source Static Site Generators To Build Your Website


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Static site generators are excellent for getting your website up and running quickly. Check out these top SSGs. Do you need an open-source static website generator? Your search for solutions ends here.

A website can be static or dynamic. Dynamic websites usually run on CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress. To provide information to a user, a content management system utilizing a database populates a website.

In static sites, a server serves static web pages to clients without making any changes. Every page of a website is an HTML file. This method is straightforward to use. This is how websites were built in the early days of the web. The homepage of a static website is a file. This article showcases 10 open-source and free static site generators available for building a website.

1.   1.Jekyll

A static site generator, Jekyll is a pioneer in the field. Tom Preston-Werner, the co-founder of Github, released it in 2008. Written in Ruby, it creates static websites using JSON, YAML, CSV, and TSV files.

By using Jekyll, users can host their websites in their GitHub repositories, it is the best free website builder.

1.     2..Hugo

Hugo is known for its speed when creating websites. In addition, it has a powerful theme creation system. The content-type options are extensive and it's available on multiple OS platforms.

 3. Publii

Publii is a free, open-source desktop-based app. You don't have to use the site's servers since it runs locally. Therefore, you can work on your site offline.

Once you have access to your server, upload the changes and it will save them. Many kinds of uploads are available, including HTTP/HTTPS servers, Amazon S3, Netlify, SFTP, and Google Cloud.

Publii allows you to create a personal blog, portfolio, or corporate website. With this app, you can create, modify, and run unlimited websites instantly. There are no databases or credentials to remember.

4. Nuxt

Nuxt is a web framework for building static sites that are based on Vue. You can host your static Website maker free on Azure Static Web Apps as it follows the open-source model. Nuxt supports server-side rendering. Thus, it is an excellent candidate to replace traditional Vue single-page applications (SPAs)

5. Gridsome

Another open-source SSG is Gridsome. It uses Vue.js and uses GraphQL to function. Jamstack is a framework that enables it to create fast, high-performance, secure, low-cost, and better-experienced websites on the fly.

With it, you can work offline even without an internet connection, using data cached during your last interaction with the app.

6. Hexo

Node. js-powered Hexo is an easy, fast, and powerful blog platform. With it, you can use most Octopress plugins and GitHub Flavored Markdown features. A powerful API makes it possible to extend the system in any direction.

There are a variety of plugins that support most template engines, such as EJS, Pug, Nunjucks, and many others. Additionally, it integrates smoothly with NPM (Node Package Manager) packages such as Babel, Post CSS, and Less/Sass.

7. Docusaurus

Facebook developed Docusaurus as an open-source static site generator 2021. The app uses React and Markdown. Docusaurus lets you write static HTML files from Markdown docs and blog posts.

Thus, you can focus on documenting your project and save time. MDX lets you embed JSX components into Markdown. Docsaurus also comes with pre-configured localizers that can translate your documents into over 70 languages.

8. VuePress

Evan You, the creator of Vue.js, built the minimalist VuePress using Vue. Vue projects need it for technical documentation. The project uses Vue, Vue Router, and Webpack. With Markdown, VuePress is a simple and free WordPress blogging platform.

9. Eleventy

Eleventy (11ty) is a simplified Open-Source Security System. It was designed to serve as an alternative to Jekyll for JavaScript. Eleventy can operate without configuration files or commands since it has zero-config. As a result, your first project is less daunting to build. It will take you less time to get your website live.

Eleventy templates use independent engines. It will make migration easier if you decide to use something else later. Furthermore, it supports several template languages. Using each one separately or together is possible.

10.  Pelican

Pelican is a Python-based open-source SSG. The tool enables you to create content using reStructuredText or Markdown markup, easily host static output, and customize themes via Jinja templates. In addition, it supports atom/RSS feeds, code format highlighting, plugins, and a plugin repository, and it is multi-lingual.