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10 Best Apps That Every College Student Should Have In 2021

Whatever your college life stage, whether you're just starting college, feeling overwhelmed with job applications, or juggling work and school, the Best apps for online college students and can help you succeed. These can help you make the most of graduate school.

The following apps will help you succeed in all aspects of collegiate life, whether you're walking into college for the first time, trying to avoid the sophomore slump, or trying to balance applying for jobs and finishing your senior year. Some can help you get the most out of graduate school.

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1.   1. Google Calendar 

You can easily organize your busy schedule with Google Calendar. Organize your classes, deadlines, and club meetings with it. We do not sell your data and only collect it to improve the service. It is one of the Useful apps for students.

1.   2. Venom

Any college student should have Venmo. The app allows you to split drinks, meals, and gas with your friends. Your parents might have some money to give you. You only need to tap a few times. In Venmo, data is only collected to enhance the user experience and not sold.


Students at colleges have access to Spotify premium at a discount, along with the best streaming music app. Besides all your favorite songs and curated lists like edgy playlists, there are also study playlists to help you focus and relax.

Also, Spotify collects data from third parties, mainly authentication partners, technical service platforms, and payment providers. A company's full privacy policy says it can use device data to show you ads that will be relevant to you.

 4. CamScanner

CamScanner is a mobile scanner. An image taken through the app saves as a .pdf file, and you can submit handwritten assignments online like lab reports. It is the Best apps for college students 2021, students can scan and submit their assignments in this pandemic time.

5. SplitWise

It is useful when roommates live with you or when you take trips with colleagues. You can pay your friends via Venmo or PayPal after you input the expenses. SplitWise does not sell user data and only collects the information for improving the user experience.

6. Quiz let

Studying for exams is so much easier thanks to Quizlet. In addition, chances are there are already flashcards prepared for the exam you're studying for and you can look them up in the app. Learn smarter, not harder.

It collects information about your device, geolocation, and logs. Your personal information may also be used to market the service

7. Duo Mobile

Every college student's worst nightmare. Colleges use Duo Mobile to verify your identity when you log on to the campus portal. We do not sell or track the data of our users.

8. Word Hippo  

A good thesaurus is necessary for essay writing, so Word Hippo is the Best apps for students. Word Hippo offers lots of synonyms for any word you type in. Data collected by Word Hippo is purely for improving the user experience.

9. Tinder

Tinder is a great tool to meet new people during college and look into your sexuality while doing so. Utilizing your college email helps Tinder U prioritize your lists of students.

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Tinder allows users to share information, like geolocations and usage information. This information is accessible to Match group users and partner companies. You must also give Tinder your consent to share anonymous information with advertisers. 

10. Pomodoro

There's nothing better than Pomodoro for managing your time. Working on the task for 25 minutes without interruption and immediately taking a 5-minute break is the Pomodoro method. Using the Pomodoro method helped me finish my thesis. Among its uses is "developing, operating, delivering, and improving our products, services, content, and advertising".