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How to send blank messages on whatsapp

How to send blank messages on whatsapp

Is it possible to send blank messages on whatsapp? 

Yes, it's possible. As you know that we are not able to send "Blank Messages" on Whatsapp. But today we will learn how to send blank messages on WhatsApp.

So you can send Clear message to your companions or anybody with help of Blank message app this app very easy to use and user friendly so just download it from end of the post and enjoy ,WhatsApp clients wanna send Clear messages to their friends, which is less known to everybody

How to send blank messages on WhatsApp -

 hello, friends, today I am going to tell you such a method. With this method, you can send empty messages to anyone on WhatsApp messenger. You know that we can not send blank messages on WhatsApp. But I will tell you today how it is possible. This method is 100% working in 2019. So without wasting your time lets start the tutorial of how to send blank messages on whatsapp.

Requirements for sending empty or blank messages on whatsapp

We only need an app from the Google Play Store. App name is "Blank Messages". It is a very trusted app and a perfectly working app in 2019. it is a very cool trick and please read the full article and be cool in front of your friends by this app. So download this app and follow instructions. By this app, you can send blank messages on WhatsApp.

Steps -
  • Download the Blank message app from below at the end of the post.
  • Install the app and open it.
  • And just choose a number of lines.
  • And click Send button.
  • Congratulation a blank message successfully sent.


The various app in the apps market that provides the same trick (send a blank message on WhatsApp). But I choose this app for you because I use it personally and its work great for me and it is very cheap means the size of this app is very small. And also its interface is user-friendly and you can adjust blank rows and columns by this app. Adjusting rows are not available in any other app. So I diced to make a review of this app by this post. Please support me and comment on this post.

Download App -