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7 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Under affiliate marketing, the promotion of products with WordPress is not new. Now, even the Amazon Associates Program has become a dime-a-dozen. Wish to explore something new? Well, Cybertech is here with yet another blog, and this time we have taken up the very popular Amazon affiliate plugins for any and every WordPress website. Are you excited? Well, scroll down and read more.

All you need to know about Amazon Affiliate Plugins for a WordPress website

These are affiliate plugins for WordPress that can be seamlessly inserted on your website which is made through WordPress, without actually going to Sounds intriguing, no? More importantly, most of these plugins use the Amazon Product Advertising API (or, in some cases, another method). This is incredibly important because of how strict Amazon Associates is with its rules for product information accuracy, such as the prohibition on displaying inaccurate prices. 

Let’s understand in detail the seven spectacular Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.

  1. Affiliate Super Assistant

Formerly known as Amazon Simple Admin, Affiliate Super Assistant gives you a simple way to insert Amazon products in WordPress using shortcodes. It is regarded as one of the most lucidly-designed affiliate plugins for WordPress. It uses the API to insert product details, which means they’ll automatically be in sync with Amazon itself. 

  1. AmaLinks Pro

This will help you insert text/image links, CTA buttons, and even entire product showcases. Then, you can keep any of the information that you import synced with Amazon to maintain compliance. Another useful feature is the built-in Google Analytics Event Tracking, which lets you track product clicks in Google Analytics. Last but not the least, AmaLinks Pro has a good emphasis on compliance with the strict rules from Amazon Associates, which helps keep you in Amazon’s good graces and keep the money flowing.

  1. Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin or AAWP plugin

This is one of the most established WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. It offers a suite of features to help you effectively promote Amazon products. It helps a user with inserting the text affiliate links, product boxes comprising more than one product, data fields, etc. Some products demand a bestseller column. Well, with AAWP by your side, you can also display a list of bestsellers of a product on your WordPress website. With a plethora of templates to choose from, AAWP has become one of the most user-friendly and popular Amazon plugins.

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  1. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links helps you easily insert Amazon products in your WordPress site using the most recent version of the Amazon Product Advertising API. You can either insert specific products that you choose or let the plugin display a regularly updated feed of the latest products in certain categories. This plugin is the most organized of all. You get to display your products in four different ways. You get the category feed, the item lookup, the product search, and a URL box. Under the “category” tab, you can actually open up a tab in a dynamic view, product search involves overseeig the search query on Amazon, specific products can be looked up in tje “item look-up” and the external web source can be enlisted in the URL.

  1. AzonPress

Pretty similar to AAWP, this can help a user in inserting both basic as well as affiliate links of products.  One of the notable things about AzonPress is how it gives you useful tools to create product comparisons. You can create both traditional product tables as well as side-by-side comparison tables. A feature that sets this plugin apart is that of “Best pick”. Herein, one can drive traffic towards the best product. 

  1. EasyAzon

This plugin gives you an easy way to insert Amazon affiliate links right from the WordPress website editor. It used to be pretty basic, but its functionality has been expanded over the past couple of years, and it now offers a pretty solid feature list for free. The core feature of the plugin is that you can connect to the Amazon Associates API and then directly insert products right from the editor. You can search for products by keyword or ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and choose a locale right there. However, it’s pretty much just for text links (though there is a basic info block template), so it’s not the best option if you want to create styled boxes or comparison tables.

  1. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates or WZone Plugin

The most popular money-minting plugin is offered by WooCommerce and is known by the name WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates or WZone. By using WZone, you can:

  • Create a kind of pseudo dropshipping arrangement where you can automatically sync Amazon products as WooCommerce products. Say, when a visitor goes to add an item to their cart, they’ll be taken to Amazon to check out and this is where you’ll get to place that affiliate marketing tracking cookie. 

  • Create a true dropshipping arrangement where shoppers actually purchase items on your site. Then, you can turn around and order that product on Amazon yourself to fulfill the order. This requires some manual effort on your part, but it gives you full control over your margins, rather than just relying on the Amazon Associates commission.

No matter which approach you use, WZone makes it super easy to import products from Amazon to WooCommerce. Then, it can also keep products synced going forward so that your information is never out of date. These days, more and more people are using WZone because it helps in displaying product reviews from Amazon, and it supports variable products along with multiple different Amazon store locations. Moreover, it comes with an automatic content spinner for product details that can be synced seamlessly without the requirement for an API key.

So, these were the spectacular seven Amazon Affiliate Plugins for a WordPress website

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