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5 Cyber Trends To Watch As We Move Into 2023


Upgrading is the new trend. And technology is known as the progenitor of upgrades. Like every year, this year is earmarked by drastic cybersecurity trends and upgrades. Wish to know what the trends will be governing 2023? Well, you are at the right place. In this blog, Cybertech is here with five fabulous and most prominent cybersecurity trends that will be ruling the roost this year. Get, start, and scroll down.

  1. 2023 will unfold technology’s new era. 

Thanks to IoT and 5G networks. IoT or the Internet of Things extends connectivity services between a plethora of electronic devices. Because of IoT, businesses, and brands have been able to garner a real-time look into their working processes, data delivery, performance, and other mechanisms. An added benefit of IoT is that it enables a person to reduce the incurred cost of labor. Apart from that, expenditures incurred on unnecessary processes are trimmed down with the help of IoT, thus making everything very economical for the manufacturer or the employer. For consumers, the best thing IoT has to offer is the transparency involved in the transactions taking place between them and the business. These factors will contribute to the paramount importance enjoyed by IoT by the later-half of 2023. It is because of IoT that very soon, businesses will get the desired push to reach their zenith. 

With the 5G network kicking in, the very process of staying connected will get enhanced by manifolds. 5G or 5th Generation is an ultra-fast wireless network that will take connectivity to the next level. The aim of 5G is to connect everything under the sun. Apart from delivering high-speed internet, it is earmarked by efficacious availability, and super-low latency and hence will be one of the most reliable networks ever introduced in history. Very soon, there will be an interconnectivity between users, machines, and industries. 

  1. Files on your Cloud are no safer!

Cloud or cloud computing had reformed the idea of storing files forever. These are servers that help in accessing information stored across machines over the internet. Now, one doesn’t have to scrounge through musty files and manually sort data. With cloud computing, everything can be done in a jiffy in the high heavens. Haha! 

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With myriads and myriads of businesses, companies, and individuals making their data ‘go cloud’, the security of these servers has come under great scrutiny. The start of 2023 has seen tech experts labeling these servers as “vulnerable”. While Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are constantly monitored and well-guarded from an application’s perspective but there is a possibility of attracting malicious activities from the end user. Jobs in cybersecurity will increase this year to curb this issue.

  1. Automotive hacking will become popular.

Driverless cars are gaining popularity all around the world. While automotive experts are considering this as a breakthrough, cybersecurity experts have been laying emphasis on the potential threat such cars will expose the owner to. Such cars take instructions from the owner using Bluetooth and other technologies. These are susceptible to eavesdropping, phishing, and other hacking attacks and vulnerabilities. Henceforth, stringent cybersecurity ways are yet to be incorporated into the way these cars operate or take instructions for engine timing, airbags,

cruise control, door lock, and advanced systems for driver assistance. 

  1. Mobiles vulnerable, hackers brutal.

Be it Android or iOS, mobile hacking is not new to phone users. Malware, Trojan Horse, and whatnot have always anticipated a click made by a careless, unaware, or na├»ve user. Sooner or later, their patience yields fruits. 

Well, we cannot deny the fact that computers are well-protected but mobile phones ain’t. This is because it demands funds, time, and constant vigilance. With safety measures not in place, your photos, videos, e-mails, messages, confidential bank details, etc. can get exposed to hackers. Hence, there is a high possibility that malware and virus can cast an evil eye on your phones this year.

  1. Data integration becomes more sophisticated.

As the population is increasing, more and more people are becoming a part of this global village of a world. With our digital lives expanding at a tremendous rate, data is multiplying at a faster rate than ever before. In addition to that, with piles of files to complete, additions to be made links to be shared and Excel sheets to be made data storage and sharing have become a part of our DNA. While we have ample space to store our precious data, whether it is well-protected or not is something very few ponder upon. This brings us to the lack of data privacy and security measures prevalent in almost all the web and software development processes. 2023 will see a bright sunrise of data privacy, for sure. This is because cybersecurity will turn out to gain immense popularity this year as compared to the previous decade. In addition to that, this will open up a plethora of jobs in cybersecurity.

These were the most prominent cybersecurity trends that will take place this year. If you wish to read such lucrative content, then stay tuned to