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The 5 Best Free Animation Apps For Android

An animated drawing can breathe new life into an otherwise lifeless drawing. Animating has become incredibly simple and convenient thanks to advances in digital tools.

There is nothing better than simply pulling out your phone and drawing on the screen, even though the market for dedicated drawing tablets may seem alluring. When it comes to apps to help you create animations, the Play Store doesn't have many options. Nevertheless, we've reviewed a slew of the best animation apps for android and picked some of the best ones available for free.

1.  Animation Desk

Animation Desk is among the top animation apps for android, with over a million downloads. Animation apps should have a clutter-free user interface, plenty of options, and a variety of ways to export the finished animation.

In Animation Desk, you can choose from a few brushes and then customize the color scheme. Navigation between frames is easy, and the onion skin toggle is simply a tap away. In case 24fps isn't enough, you can adjust the number of frames for your animations.

Once you've completed your animation, you can export it as a video or a PDF. It is also possible to export individual frames. Premium subscriptions include unlimited cloud storage, onion skin drawings in color, and GIF exports.

 2.  Draw Cartoons 2

Creating an animation that lasts a few seconds still requires creating multiple frames by hand. The task becomes even more challenging on a smaller screen. Draw Cartoons 2 is an app that allows you to do basic animation without much time and effort. In the app, you can manipulate skeletal models to create quick animations with objects and characters. Animating your characters is also made easier using the same skeleton functionality. Drawing Cartoons 2 is aimed at kids, but we had a lot of fun while testing this free cartoon app for android anyway. You can also add voice-overs and music and export the finished video.

1.   3. Stop Motion Studio

Another way of making animations is through a stop motion studio. Stop Motion Studio will be a great app if you prefer using real props to tell a story. Assembling a series of photos and placing them sequentially to create a movie does not require a specific app, but this app simplifies the process. Overlays allow you to add props on top of your previous photos. You can also use the app's filters and editing tools to enhance the quality of your animations. An efficient green screen and rotoscoping can unlock a whole new world even with limited props. The camera also has an interval mode that automatically captures images, a full manual mode that lets you adjust things like ISO and white balance, and the ability to use a secondary phone as a remote control.

1.     4. Stick Nodes

Give Stick Nodes a try if you like the idea of animating with joints and parts. It's the perfect animation app for all stick figure lovers out there. The app has every animation feature you could imagine. Adding or editing stick figures is easy with the comprehensive library, and joining two or more objects simplifies animation. Stick Nodes offers many options and effects for customizing the rather simple-looking stick figures. This app allows you to add blur, glow, and other convincing effects to your drawings. In any case, the free version of the app contains no intrusive ads and doesn't force you to upgrade. If you use a smaller phone, the extensive list of options can get a bit cluttered. There is only one complaint we have with the app, which doubles as a compliment for the sheer number of features it offers. Stick Nodes is a great tool for creating powerful stick figure animations without having to spend an eternity drawing them manually.

 5. FlipaClip

Is there a better way to end a list than with an app that's the best for Android animations? Every other digital drawing app should try to be like FlipaClip.

Not only does FlipaClip give you a variety of brushes, grids, a ruler, onion skin, and more, but it also has an impressive library of sound effects. Although it's a paid feature, adding sound to simple animations can make them unique. FlipaClip is one of the best S Pen apps for Samsung devices. It lets you add depth to your drawings using pressure sensitivity. Create animations that complement existing footage by importing videos to your canvas. FlipaClip's design and ease of use are by far our favorite features. The app even offers a handy tutorial video that walks users through all of the options. FlipaClip is a highly recommended tool for those who are serious about taking animation to the next level.