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How To Earn Daily Rs 5000 With Upstox 2022


Every investor enters the stock market hoping to make money. It provides a better return than what the other financial avenues offer, so it has become the most lucrative money-making route. It then becomes a question of whether one can earn Rs 5000 a day from the stock market.

It is possible to profit from the stock market if one possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, discipline, and market timing abilities. In reality, most people fail at this endeavor and blame the market. There is one thing to keep in mind: the market is always right - and every trader has a chance to make money, no matter how it moves. In this way, trading is simply an art based on strategy. Some people consider it a form of gambling, while others see it as a significant source of income. You can earn Rs. 5000 daily from the stock market for about six months if you keep these facts in mind along with hard work and practice.

Here are some ways to make money online or one can earn Rs 5000 from the stock market every day.

1.     1. Profit small but trade more

In order to make regular income, the trader would be better off focusing on small profits and doing multiple trades every day. It is almost impossible for traders to profit by 2-3% on a frequent basis. Despite this, implementing this strategy will help them increase the number of winners without sacrificing the size of the wins. Unlike "let your profits run", where a trader can forfeit his profits if the price is uncertain. Consequently, the trader should book profits whenever he gets an opportunity rather than exit on weakness.

Here are the three fundamentals of the strategy:

(I)                Experiencing the dynamic market for a short period of time will limit adverse outcomes.

(II)             Stocks move faster if they move Rs 2-4 rather than Rs 20-30 in one day.

(III)           Smaller price movements take place more frequently. Even when the market remains range-bound, traders can still capitalize on small fluctuations.

As a result, this strategy will provide traders with a number of small wins throughout the day that will add up to a reasonable amount of return on a daily basis. They can earn Rs 5000 per day based on this strategy

1.     2. Invest in news stocks

The presence of momentum in either direction is essential for stocks to provide significant day-to-day returns. The price of a stock is usually affected by news flows, which directly influence stock prices.

Stock prices can increase or decrease significantly based on earnings reports, orders, brokerage upgrades or downgrades, product announcements, FDA announcements, economic data releases, geopolitical factors, and other macro and micro factors. Understanding the daily news will enable traders to pick stocks that have momentum and place their trading bets accordingly. In addition to increasing their daily income, trading in momentum stocks will also increase their chances of making profits. Stock market investing is another way one can earn Rs. 5000 daily.

 3. Stop Loss discipline

The golden rule for intraday trading is to put a stop loss on every trade just to maximize profit. Traders can decide what stop loss percentages to apply according to their risk appetites and stock volatility.

Stop-loss applies in the following ways to a trader:

(I)                It protects the trader's capital.

(II)             Facilitates faster churning of the money, which is essential to boosting trading profitability.

(III)           Helps traders decrease the concentration of positions in risky stocks for an extended period of time. This will minimize the number of open positions, which are susceptible to market fluctuations.

As a result, it is evident from the above that adherence to the above rule will limit a trader's losses to a great extent, allowing him to earn a higher profit per day on the stock market.

1.     4. Minimizing trade costs

An investor will benefit from this by maximizing the amount of stock market profit they can earn per day in stock market. It is crucial that a trader remembers that every trade he makes incurs costs, regardless of whether he makes a profit or a loss. The cost of trading includes brokerage fees, Securities Transaction Charges/Commodity Transaction Charges, Turnover charges, GST, SEBI charges, Stamp charges, and AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges). Due to the volume and number of transactions involved in day trading, transaction costs tend to be higher than other forms of trading.