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10 Facts About Wordpress That's You Should Need To Know


WordPress is incredible because it allows us to do so many unbelievable things. Honestly, it has so many features, some of which you might not have even realized it does. Below are essential 10 Facts about WordPress That's You should Need To Know, whether you want to develop a website as a developer or a blogger, etc.

1  1.There is no better content management system than WordPress

Using content management system software (CMS), you can write, edit, and publish web content. Most websites in the world use WordPress. It currently powers 4.5% of the entire web (opens a new tab). Every second, WordPress sites publish 17 blog posts.

1.     2.Many brands use WordPress

Many recognizable websites use WordPress. Forbes, CNN, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal all use WordPress. Additionally, The Next Web and Mashable run on WordPress.

When WordPress is powerful enough to build sites and for web content management it can be used for nearly anything!

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1     3. It's Not Just For Blogging

As it evolved, developers realized WordPress could do so much more than just serve up blogs. Currently, WordPress powers everything from e-commerce websites and communities to online courses.

WordPress helps you create a custom website and web based application for a local business or a large e-commerce site that sells thousands of products. Blogging is still a great use of WordPress

1     4.WordPress Plugins Add Tons of Functionality without Coding

Through plugins, WordPress allows you to extend its functionality. Furthermore, third-party tools and plugins, which are both free or paid, can also enable you to accomplish nearly anything.

In the official WordPress directory, there are over 45,000 free plugins. Despite this, not all of them are free.

You can further customize any plugin you want by knowing PHP (WordPress' programming language). You can also create your plugin.

1.    5.Skills in WordPress are valuable even if someone isn't a developer

WordPress knowledge isn't limited to developers. Knowing WP is very useful for entrepreneurs because it allows them to set up online. Setting up WordPress, configuring a theme, and installing plugins can be valuable when you're just getting started.

WordPress skills are beneficial to marketers as well. Using WordPress, you can write blog posts and create landing pages. The WordPress code lets you set up a new page or website without waiting for your developers to do it for you.

1.      6.You can use WordPress for intranets as well 

Many people don't realize that plugins can extend WP's functionality and provide businesses with the back-end functionality they need.

One can even build an intranet that includes all the features of a CRM, issue tracking, etc., using WordPress. It is possible to save money by self-hosting these apps, especially if you can manage all those plugins on your own.

1      7.You can use it for membership websites

Members-only WordPress plugins for WordPress make it easy to create a site. Several members-only site plugins are available, some free, some paid.

With these membership plugins, you can create a site that offers premium content or gated online communities. You can create paid or free membership sites.

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1      8.WordPress is completely free

There is no charge for using WordPress. WordPress is free, and every change you make to its code is yours to make. The use of WordPress is free and unlimited for any site you choose. You can choose to use and customize tens of thousands of free plugins and themes.

Although you must pay for premium themes and plugins, there are quite a few options available. There is an upside to creating your premium plugins and themes.

1      9.Having WordPress skills can lead to many job opportunities 

As an employee, you can find work using WordPress at creative agencies or companies that use the platform. WordPress skills can provide opportunities in the fields of development, design, or marketing.

1      10.Freelancers love WordPress 

As a WordPress specialist, you can also freelance. You can also offer various types of back-end programming, such as site setup and theme customization.

In addition, blogging experience is super valuable for marketing consultants, SEO consultants, and anyone who works with WordPress sites.