Cyber Security

Basic Cyber Security Tips You Must Know

Use a secure file sharing solution

The files you share are only as secure as the tools you use to share them with. Adopt a secure file sharing solution to encrypt your files while they're in transit and rest to prevent unauthorized access
and keep your files safe.

Use anti-virus and anti-malware

As long as you're connected to the web, it's impossible to have complete and total protection from malware. However, you can significantly reduce your vulnerability by ensuring you have an anti-virus and at least one anti-malware installed on your

Keep software up-to-date

Software companies typicallyp softwareupdates for 3 reasons: to add new features, fix
known bugs, and upgrade security.  Alwaysupdate to the latest  versionof your software to protect yourself from new or existing security

Avoid opening suspicious emails

If an email looks suspicious, don't open it because it might be a phishing scam. Someone might be
impersonating another individual or company to gain access to your personal information. Sometimes the emails may also include attachments or links that can infect your devices.

Keep hardware up-to-date

Outdated computer hardware may not support
the most recent software security upgrades.
Additionally, old hardware makes it slower to respond to cyber attacks if they happen. Make sure to use computer hardware that's
more up-to-date.

Use a VPN to privatize your connections

For a more secure and  privatizednetwork, use a
virtual private network (VPN). It'll encrypt your connection and protect your private information, even from your internet service provider. REMEMBER DO NOT USE FREE VPN they can leak your ip better yo use paid vpns. If you dont know how to get paid vpns for free then visit there you will find paid VPN mods, Download and use.

Always Check Links You Click

Links can easily be disguised as something  they're not so it's best to double check before you click on a hyperlink. On most browsers you can see the target URL by hovering over the link. Do this to check links before you click on them.

Don't be lazy with your passwords!

Put more effort into creating your passwords. You can use a tool like
to find out how secure your passwords are.

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