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How To Connect To VPN On Android Without Any App

Connect To VPN On Android Without Any App

VPN services are one of the best reliable ways to connect anonymously to the Internet, and this service is used extensively through its own applications, but we learned in a previous topic that this service can be used to open blocked sites on Android, and the advantage here is that you can be Relying on it without using, and today, God willing, we will explain this method in detail step by step, where we will learn how to work a free VPN on Android in the same way as changing DNS for Android, and we will also provide you with the best sites through which you can get free virtual network information to use On your phone.

What is a VPN

This word is an abbreviation for the term Virtual Private Server or a Virtual Private Network, and this service allows you to connect to the Internet from servers in a foreign country so that you hide your identity on the Internet and the site you use or your service provider cannot know any information about your browsing activity on the Internet, it is considered one of the most powerful ways of browsing

Also, one of the advantages of this service is opening blocked websites and bypassing the bans that occur on websites in some countries, and this service can be enjoyed on computers, phones and other smart devices with ease if you want to know more about this distinctive technology.

How to make a VPN connection for android without any software

After we quickly learned about this distinctive technology, we will now explain how to operate a VPN on your phone step by step.

Step#1 First, we need to go to settings on android

Step#2 After that find VPN in settings, you can search for it or just go to wireless and networks and find VPN There.

Step#3 Now Click On + icon and click on add new VPN Connection

Step#4 That you will see a page where you will enter the VPN details

Step#5 The best site from which you can get a free VPN connection is open this site.

Step#6 Now We need to choose one server from PPTP section, and then copy one server address. the server address will look like and username and password will at the bottom of list (SCREENSHOT ATTACHED)

Step#7 Now just Fill The Details On VPN setting in your phone and save and Click to connect.

Step#8 It will Successfully Connect to the Free Server. 

Step#9 After That, you can check your IP by browsing